The Ultimate Instagram Guide for Hashtags

I’m sure you already know the power of a hashtag and what it does. They can help you categorize a topic, attract followers, and develop a brand. They can help your business grow to new heights, but with the wrong use – can become pointless and inefficient.

So why are Instagram hashtags so important to your business and overall brand? It’s all about a sorting process. With around 95 million photos posted on Instagram every day, hashtags help your posts get discovered.

Hashtags are highly important little pieces of text. They can help build a brand, and make your account more visible. So whether you’re a social media manager or small business owner, here are some hashtags you should use to gain more visibility on your Instagram,

  • Branded Hashtags

  • Product or Service Hashtags

  • Industry Niche Hashtags

  • Campaign Hashtags

  • User-Generated Content Hashtags

  • Instagram Community Hashtags for your Industry

  • Event of Conference Hashtags

  • Cultural Movement Hashtags

  • Location Hashtags

  • Phrase Hashtags

Then there are a different set of hashtags for individuals.