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The Ultimate Instagram Guide for Hashtags

I’m sure you already know the power of a hashtag and what it does. They can help you categorize a topic, attract followers, and develop a brand. They can help your business grow to new heights, but with the wrong use – can become pointless and inefficient.

So why are Instagram hashtags so important to your business and overall brand? It’s all about a sorting process. With around 95 million photos posted on Instagram every day, hashtags help your posts get discovered.

Hashtags are highly important little pieces of text. They can help build a brand, and make your account more visible. So whether you’re a social media manager or small business owner, here are some hashtags you should use to gain more visibility on your Instagram,

  • Branded Hashtags

  • Product or Service Hashtags

  • Industry Niche Hashtags

  • Campaign Hashtags

  • User-Generated Content Hashtags

  • Instagram Community Hashtags for your Industry

  • Event of Conference Hashtags

  • Cultural Movement Hashtags

  • Location Hashtags

  • Phrase Hashtags

Then there are a different set of hashtags for individuals.

  • Personal Hashtags

  • Daily Hashtags

  • Acronym Hashtags

  • Holiday Hashtags

So how often should you use a hashtag on Instagram?

All the time! Try to narrow it down to what you’re talking about or niche.

How will you know which hashtags are working?

It depends on your audience. Try playing around with different hashtags and formats. On Instagram, you can see which posts perform better. What posts reached your audience better? Maybe those are the hashtags you should stick with

In case you need some ideas for hashtags, here are the top hashtags for 2021:

Of course you can try out your own hashtags that gears toward your industry to see what works best for you or not.

At the end of the day, using a hashtag is an important part of having a strong Instagram strategy. By following the best practices, you can increase your follower count and increase the number of leads from your Instagram account.

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