Maximizing Instagram Stories to Grow Your Brand

Social media is a powerful and organic way to spread brand awareness and important information about your company or business. Sure, LinkedIn and Facebook have been traditional means of social activity in this realm for quite some time, but Instagram has slowly but surely caught up, proving to be a strong visual presence with widespread mass appeal.

Instagram has over 25 million professionally related profiles around the globe; one-third of all Instagram stories come from businesses. Instagram stories drive data and also increase sales, creating an authentic and meaningful connection between a user and a brand.

When making the most of your Instagram stories, be sure to post often. Now—this doesn’t mean post incessantly, but you want to post on a regular basis, which can be considered anywhere from one to three times a day. Of course, the content of your story will depend upon your business, but there’s a wide spectrum of possibilities.

For example, incorporating client testimonials into your stories is highly effective, as it gives consumers an opportunity to see firsthand the power of your product. Naturally, through video and a direct address from a satisfied customer, viewers can experience that satisfaction for themselves. Another effective use of stories is promoting specials with a fun video talking about the added value. These are best not to be too “sales-y,” but instead informative and lighthearted—since it is, after all, Instagram and not an infomercial.

Many small businesses make use of the “slice of life” element of an office or business, offering behind-the-scenes insight into how your company is run. This can introduce consumers to your employees and help them feel they understand the business and brand better, as they have been exposed to the people behind the scenes.