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5 Creative Snapchat Campaigns to Learn From

In the fast-paced world of social media, Snapchat stands out with its ephemeral content and focus on real-time connection. This unique platform offers a playground for brands to experiment with creative campaigns that resonate with its young, engaged user base. But with so much fleeting content, how do you make your brand's message stand out on Snapchat?

Fear not, marketing maven! Here are five creative Snapchat campaigns that will inspire you to craft engaging experiences for your audience:

1. Depop: Targeted Visual Storytelling

Depop, the resale fashion platform known for its sustainability focus and trendsetting Gen Z user base, understands the power of visual storytelling. Their Snapchat strategy revolves around targeted visual story ads. These captivating ads take viewers on a quick journey through curated collections or user-generated content, showcasing the individuality and style Depop represents.

Takeaway: Depop's campaign highlights Snapchat Stories' strength in showcasing products dynamically and engagingly. Consider segmenting your audience and creating targeted stories catering to their interests.

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2. Tinder: Single Not Sorry

The dating app Tinder isn't afraid to break the mold. Their "Single Not Sorry" campaign embraced the joys of singlehood, a refreshing take in a world often obsessed with coupledom. Tinder utilized Snapchat's commercial format to create four visually stunning stories celebrating the freedom and adventure of being single. The campaign resonated with their target audience, proving that Snapchat can be a powerful platform for promoting a particular lifestyle.

Takeaway: Learn from Tinder's bold approach. Don't be afraid to challenge conventions and promote a message that resonates with your target audience's values and aspirations.

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3. L'Oreal: Gamified Engagement with Mascara Spotlight

L'Oreal knows that interactivity is key to capturing attention on Snapchat. Their "Mascara Spotlight" campaign used a fun filter that allowed users to virtually try on different mascaras and see the results in real time. This gamified approach generated excitement and provided valuable product feedback through user engagement.

Takeaway: Take a page out of L'Oreal's book and explore the interactive features of Snapchat. Consider filters, polls, and quizzes to create an engaging experience that allows users to participate and learn about your brand in a fun way.

4. Disney: Celebrating 100 Years of Magic with AR

The Walt Disney Company understands the power of nostalgia and storytelling. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Disney created an immersive Snapchat experience that used augmented reality (AR). Users could point their cameras at various landmarks and see them come alive with iconic Disney characters and scenes. This interactive campaign not only generated excitement but also allowed users to create their own Disney-fied memories.

Takeaway: Disney's campaign demonstrates the potential of AR on Snapchat. Consider using AR to create interactive experiences that allow users to engage with your brand in a new and exciting way.

5. WWF: #LastSelfie – Raising Awareness with Disappearing Content

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Denmark and Turkey capitalized on Snapchat's ephemeral nature for a powerful social awareness campaign. Their #LastSelfie campaign featured snaps of endangered species with the message: "This could be your last selfie with them." The campaign brilliantly aligned with Snapchat's disappearing content, urging users to act before these species disappear forever.

Takeaway: Learn from WWF's impactful campaign. Consider how the unique features of Snapchat can be leveraged to deliver a powerful message and raise awareness for your cause.

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These five campaigns showcase the diverse ways brands can leverage Snapchat's unique features to connect with their audience. By incorporating visual storytelling, interactivity, and a dash of creativity, you can craft Snapchat campaigns that grab attention and leave a lasting impression. Remember, the key is understanding your target audience and tailoring your campaign to their interests and the platform itself. So, get snapping and watch your brand engagement soar!


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