#SnapHappy - How To Make The Most Out Of Hashtags

So why a hashtag for business advertising? If you think about it, a hashtag is used to drive brand recognition, help boost the reach of your advertising campaign, and increase positive customer loyalty. Yup. All from using this little symbol, the hashtag #.

SO what exactly IS a hashtag? I know, this may seem basic, but let’s just do a quick overview.

Now, to some of you, we know this symbol as “the little pound sign” on a phone but in the social media industry, the hashtag is one of the most powerful tools around.

A hashtag is basically a symbol if used before a significant word, it can categorize phrases, context and photos. This way, it can easily show up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram searches. You can use different “keywords” along with a hashtag, which will make it easier to find and follow discussions, people, topics, events, and of course – your business!

Hashtags increase the odds for you, your business or your brand to be discovered online a lot faster. For example, say someone is scrolling through Instagram searching for Neighborhood Homes or a particular industry – don’t you want to make sure your business shows up? Of course!

When you are choosing a hashtag, make sure it stays within the idea of the post. We’ll get more into this in a bit. So where on Earth are we supposed to FIND these so-called hashtags and keywords? Research and a little brain power. To start - get creative! Think about what you’re posting. What is it? Is it an object? A person? Place? Thing? Or how about an idea? Keep in mind, what popular hashtag is trending today, might be different next week.

Using the power of Google, you can easily research some of the top trending hashtags either on the internet, or within your industry. Simply type in “Popular Hashtags” into the Google search bar and you’ll be shown some of the top trending hashtags as of right now. I can't stress this enough, that whatever hashtaged word is trending today, might not be trending next week. If you notice, #Love is probably one of the most popular hashtaged words on Instagram. Why? Because it’s positive and motivating word. And since it’s become highly circulated on Social Media, it certainly doesn’t hurt to add to your context and posts.