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What Your LIKES on Instagram Say About You

As we aimlessly scroll through our Instagram feeds, our thumbs tend to have a mind of their own. Pictures of puppies, LIKE. Pictures of your friends vacation, LIKE. Soon Instagram starts learning your habits and throws more suggestions of photos you are most likely to double-tap. So what does all your like habits actually say about you?

1. You only LIKE the photos that you actually like.

Yup, how original. You save those precious double-thumb taps like it was a rare resource, only splurging when necessary. Having this much self-control could mean that you’re a smart, savvy person who don’t really need anything.

2. You accidentally LIKE then UNLIKE.

You’re scrolling and LIKING like there’s no tomorrow. Suddenly, you realize you accidently LIKE your ex-boyfriends post with his new girlfriend. Oops. Yes, chances are he’ll get a notification that you’ve been stalking his profile, and that you even LIKED the post. It’s a true act of bravery to remove that little red heart and retreat like nothing ever happened. In real life, you’re probably not afraid to confront a situation when needed.

3. You don’t LIKE a post that hasn’t had other LIKES.

You want to be part of the action and the cool crowd. Only LIKING posts that have over 500 LIKES or thousands of followers. I mean, why waste your time on posts that no one will see your double-tap efforts? It’s OK. You like what you like, even if you have higher-standards.

4. You go crazy and LIKE everything.

Ever hear of “texting thumb” or “trigger thumb”? Yes, it’s a real medical condition that’s caused by repetitive motions – such as over LIKING on Instagram. Having to LIKE everything has become second nature to you. Outside of Instagram, you’re probably indecisive with decisions and seem to like everything.

5. You go back to LIKE everything you missed.

Fear of missing out. Your habit of doing this means that you want everyone to know what you don’t waste any time on social media, or in real life.

Whatever your Instagram or other social media habits may be, at the end of the day be original and just be you.


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