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Social Media Checklist: Daily, Weekly & Monthly To-Do's

Social media management is so much more than posting content and video. It’s about following up with your hard work and growing your audience. Making a checklist for your social media activities will keep you in the groove and feel more accomplished once complete.

I’ve put together some task ideas from research I’ve done with other marketers, and also what I’ve done myself. Feel free to comment with anything I may have missed, or to add a task you like.



  • Reply to direct messages and @replies

  • Retweet 3 useful Tweets

  • 1 Informational update

  • 1 Personal update

  • 1 Conversation

  • Research & add 5 new followers

  • Search & help someone with a query


  • Reply to comments/likes

  • Post 3 updates: question, photo, status update, video

  • Share 2 posts

  • Like 2 links from the newsfeed

  • Review related pages and like

  • (Facebook Groups) Reply to 1 discussion


  • Update status

  • Comment/like on target group discussions

  • Reply to messages, new introductions

  • Review & comment on LinkedIn suggested articles and topics

What other daily actions can you recommend?



  • Schedule own information tweets

  • Research & schedule industry news/updates

  • Schedule Tweets for upcoming events/product launches

  • Remove unfollowers


  • Check Facebook insights

  • Add content ideas to editorial calendar

  • Schedule updates on Facebook, including product launches/events/webinars

  • (Facebook Groups) Start a discussion

  • Post your blog update

  • Visit 3 pages and like/comment


  • Post new discussion thread in target groups

  • Invite 3-5 connections

  • Endorse specific skills of 3 profiles

  • Request a recommendation

  • Provide a recommendation

What other weekly actions can you recommend?



  • Measure results

  • Identify most popular content & identify new themes or ideas to add

  • Map out events/products to be promoted

  • Evaluate overall progress


  • Check Facebook insights & identify popular posts

  • Change photo cover for special events

  • Map out content themes & ideas

  • Prepare for promotions

  • Identify new apps

  • Check for Facebook changes


  • Update profile content

  • Update company page

  • Search & join new target groups

  • Measure LinkedIn stats

What other monthly actions can you recommend?

Don’t forget – this checklist is totally customizable. You can add other social platforms in here, like Instagram and YouTube. I want you to take these ideas and make them yours.


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