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Tips for Highly Effective Social Media Marketing

Yes, social media is imperative for success in the digital marketing world; however, it’s no longer effective to merely post to your intended audience without being strategic. Social media can certainly drive traffic to your business’ website, but fine tuning your posts is important to maximize the web traffic potential. The consequences of meaningless and ineffective posts can impact your brand directly in a negative way.

The following strategies will help you make the most of this technological tool, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or another outlet of your choice.

Determine the demographic of each post. When posting, you want to consider exactly who you are posting to and for how long. What target audience is each post reaching specifically? Also, you want to specify how customers can take action and where and how to buy. Consider each social media post you make a sales pitch, of sorts; while you don’t want to force feed anyone anything or be pushy, you do want to have a goal. Long story short—the days of meaningless posting have left us in the world of social media. Nowadays, we must do so with intent!

Determine which social media outlet is right for a particular post. This is important to keep in mind because it should go without saying that Facebook is not the same as Twitter, which has very restricted character limitations. Instagram is a visual-only medium that does not allow direct links to products in posts, which naturally differs from LinkedIn, which is typically more B2B posting and a means of connecting solely with colleagues. You cannot master all of these sites simultaneously, so determine which ones are most effective for your brand and begin with those.

Stick to original content. Recycled or pirated content creation isn’t going to get you very far in the social world these days. People expect original content, whether through long or short-form blog articles, posts and/or video storytelling. Since your social media accounts reflect your company’s personality, you want to put great thought into how that is reflected through original and dynamic content creation.

At the end of the day, you have to decide upon a social media plan that works for you and your company. Many online marketers prefer message scheduling apps and programs like Hootsuite that allow you to do all of this at one time. Regardless, your game plan relies on real strategy.


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