Posting Frequency on Social Media Platforms

How many of you here at your desk have ever pondered the optimal frequency of your social media updates?

Since the advent of social media, this topic has loomed large over marketers' heads. Just though you have the "most posts" doesn't mean you'll always come out on top. In reality, the frequency with which you publish might affect how much your audience finds you inspiring or bothersome. Seventy-four percent of consumers in the Sprout Social IndexTM said that marketers should limit themselves to only two or three posts each day.

The amount of time and effort you put into your social media channels is directly related to the number of posts you produce daily. Sprout Social's data science team evaluated the posting frequency of more than 30,000 customers to get the average for some of the most important platforms for you and your target audience.

How often to post on social media overall?

Industry average: 11 posts per day

Social media managers may rest easy: that figure is an average over all channels, not just one.