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10 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Social media is about connecting with your audience and building a relationship with a loyal following. It’s not just about pushing your product. If your message is constantly “buy from me, buy from me” you’ll soon lose your following.

Each social media platform is different and has its own audience, demographics and rules. According to Business to in order to get optimal usage here are the some of essentials:

  • Vary your posting times to find out when your audience responds most.

  • Posting too much or too little can hurt you as well so you’ll want to track this as well.

  • Focus on the quality not quantity of posts.

  • Don’t post inconsistently.

  • Don’t over promote your product. Don’t be all about the sale but instead about the sharelike using curated content to help grow your fan base.

  • Don’t be too negative.

  • Never badmouth your clients or competitors. Negativity can kill off your followers very quickly.

  • Always provide multiple ways for people to find and follow you (newsletter, email signature and website.)

  • Be true to your brand by always using the same profile, name, brand colors and logos on each and every site or platform.

  • Test and track your efforts versus your results to help you discover the ROI (return on investment) or which platforms are working for you and which you can get rid of.

With these steps in mind you should be able to avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes when using social media. This can save you the loss of reach, engagement, fans and customers.


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