13 Amazing Elevator Pitch Templates & Examples (+ Instructions on Creating Your Own)

Updated: Oct 5

Do you think thirty seconds is a long time?

That's context dependent. When instructed to run as fast as possible for 30 seconds, or to skip rope while roller skating, you should...

It may seem like an age if you're waiting for this.

However, if you only have 30 seconds to sell your product or service, into which you have put a lot of thought and effort, and which has so many potential advantages for clients, then it is not nearly enough time. But that's all you've got, whether you're meeting with a potential client in person or communicating with them through email, website text, or a company description.

To put it another way, here is where your elevator pitch comes in. Here, using 13 templates and real-world examples, I'll teach you how to swiftly and persuasively express the value of your company so that you can make an outstanding elevator pitch.

So, what is an elevator pitch anyway?

An elevator pitch is a brief sales presentation made to a specific audience in order to convince them of the benefits of a product or service. In every field, any profession, or any situation, an elevator pitch may be useful.

  • Advocating for oneself to educational institutions, internship providers, and scholarship providers is a common practice among students.

  • Job seekers present their pitches to potential companies.

  • Sales pitches are made to potential customers, backers, and employees.

  • The professionals provide a presentation to the stakeholders.

How can your elevator pitch shine?

What you say, to whom you say it, and how acquainted they already are with your product are all factors to consider. All excellent elevator speeches are captivating, informative, and persuasive because they are.

  • Brief: Between 30 and 60 seconds, and direct.

  • Interesting: Your elevator pitch needs to be able to draw in, hold the audience's attention, and be memorable, whether via narrative, comedy, facts, fright, or another technique.

  • Personalized: A strong elevator pitch is tailored to the audience, just like effective advertising content is. The pitch's strategy, word choice, and features/benefits are all carefully selected depending on what matters most to the audience.

  • Confident: A strong elevator pitch calls for confidence and assertiveness, but not arrogance or cockiness (but without being aggressive).