Instructions for LinkedIn's Campaign Manager

Do you wish you had more control over your LinkedIn advertisements? Want an accurate method to predict the success of your LinkedIn ads?

This post will teach you how to make the most of eight tools in LinkedIn's Campaign Manager, such as the Reach and Frequency Forecasting widget.

1. How to Use LinkedIn Campaign Manager's Reach and Frequency Estimators

The second quarter of 2022 saw the release of a new forecasting feature inside LinkedIn's Campaign Manager, designed to aid marketers in estimating outcomes and allocating resources. To use this function, launch Campaign Manager and choose the New Campaign button.

Analyzing LinkedIn Audiences

When you choose an end goal for your campaign, the Forecasted Results window will display in the top right. The window will open with your expected 30-day budget and outcomes, as well as the size of your target audience.

Click Show Segments and switch between them using the drop-down menu to see what kinds of consumers your campaign could target. This tool provides a detailed demographic profile of your target market, including job titles, years of experience, and areas of interest.

Is it predicted that you'll contact experts that don't fit your ideal profile because of their job title, amount of seniority, or level of expertise in your industry? Follow the link below to revise your demographics and ensure that your projections still reflect your desired outcomes.

Budgeting Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn