20 Post Ideas to Boost your B2B LinkedIn Engagement

Updated: Sep 19

When looking to connect with other business professionals, LinkedIn is a great resource. On the other hand, its culture is rather unique. This isn't a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. Definitely not like Twitter. If you want to be successful on LinkedIn, you need to tailor your posts to the platform's specific demographic.

Thankfully, that's not a complicated task. LinkedIn updates may be made in a variety of ways, and with a wide variety of material kinds. The twenty examples we've provided are only the tip of the iceberg. Any one of these 20 suggestions for LinkedIn updates is fair game. Make repeated monthly use of them.

There is enough content here for a month's worth of social media posts, assuming you post once a day during the week. More importantly, each concept is adaptable enough to be utilized several times during the year.

LinkedIn video postings

1. New information summarized in brief video form.

Creating a video may be more challenging than writing a text piece, but the results are more engaging and shareable. In the words of LinkedIn:

  • Five times as many conversations are started by videos than by any other form of information."

  • LinkedIn users spend nearly three times as much time with video advertising as they do with plain Sponsored Content.

  • Good news: A lengthy video is not necessary to make an impact. A short video (between 5 and 15 seconds) can capture the viewer's attention.

A wide variety of resources are available for anyone who want to create high-quality videos. Some more great options include: Lumen5, Promo, Crello, Prezi, and Magisto (among many others).