10 Ways Your LinkedIn Profile Is Ruining Your Credibility

Updated: Jul 5

Your CV will never be seen by millions of people, but your LinkedIn profile is now visible to millions of people! Your expert billboard is here. You convey to the world what you want them to know about you when you establish your LinkedIn profile.

Your education, experience, and talents are all highlighted on your LinkedIn profile. More information is conveyed than that! Your personality, your ideas about your job and career, and your inventiveness are all conveyed through your LinkedIn profile.

You don't want your LinkedIn profile to give off the impression that you are less competent or polished than you are, which would dampen your professional flame. The time is now for you to visit LinkedIn and evaluate your profile.

Ensure that none of these credibility-eroding errors appear on your LinkedIn page:

You Can Lose Credibility With Your LinkedIn Profile In These 10 Ways

1. Your LinkedIn profile is outdated in one way.</