Campaign Manager on LinkedIn: How to Use It

Updated: Oct 5

Do you wish you had more control over your LinkedIn advertisements? Want an accurate method to predict the success of your LinkedIn ads?

This post will teach you how to utilize eight elements of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, such as the Reach and Frequency Forecasting tool.

1. How to Use LinkedIn Campaign Manager's Reach and Frequency Estimators

In the second quarter of 2022, LinkedIn released a forecasting tool for Campaign Manager to aid marketers in making rough estimates of campaign performance and allocating resources accordingly. To use this function, launch Campaign Manager and start a new campaign.

Examining LinkedIn Audiences: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you choose an aim for your campaign, the Forecasted Results window will display in the top right. The window will open with your expected 30-day budget and outcomes, as well as the size of your target audience.

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Using the drop-down menu and the Show Segments button, you can see what subsets of consumers your campaign is targeting. A detailed profile of your target demographic, including job titles, organizational levels, and passion areas, may be accessed using this useful tool.

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Are you likely to contact professionals who don't have the desired job title, degree of seniority, or amount of experience in the sector, as predicted by your forecast? To make sure your prediction is in line with the outcomes you desire, please scroll down to adjust your target audience.

Promoting Your Business On LinkedIn: How to Modify Your Spending

You may anticipate how much progress you'll make toward your campaign goals by toggling between 1-, 7-, and 30-day projections. Does the predicted number of impressions and how often they will be seen match your campaign's objectives?

Under order to fine-tune the predicted outcomes, you may make changes to the budget in the Budget & Schedule sub-group of the campaign group. You may modify many aspects of your advertising budget, such as how often it resets and how much you want to spend overall.