9 Techniques to Make Your Customers Feel Like Gold

Have you ever visited a store and been so impressed by it that you gushed about it to everyone you knew, even though you didn't make a purchase? I'm not referring to a firm where the staff was kind and did what they said they would do; that should be expected from any company. To put it simply, that's good customer service!

Instead, I'm referring to a company that lacked a special something that would make it stand out from the crowd. Whatever it was, you couldn't stop thinking about it after you left. Only a few of companies have ever left me feeling like a VIP, but they all had one common trait: they all had that something special.

What was their secret? I want to know what their magic potion is that makes patronizing their establishment seem like a rite of passage. How can independent workers duplicate this to give their customers a sense of genuine worth?

Listed below are nine strategies for treating your freelancing clients as integral parts of your company and people you care about on a deeper level.

1. Never Forget That Your Customers Are Human Beings, too!

The smallest acts of recognition may mean the world to someone. One strategy is to remember that your customers are human beings, not simply a set of numbers on the other end of a phone line or computer screen.

Locate the dates of your customers' upcoming birthdays and anniversaries so you may throw parties in their honor. You might give them a discount if it fits with your company strategy. As a bonus, they'll feel appreciated and more likely to buy from you again. When you mail someone a card, make it stand out by using high-quality paper with a handwritten message. Sending a handwritten note in the mail might be more meaningful than just an electronic one.

Cheapsters.org creator Jackie Lam has claimed she tries to make her customers feel appreciated by sending them handwritten cards and letters.