9 Ways to Really Value Your Customers

Have you ever visited a store that was so outstanding that you raved about it to everyone you knew even though you didn't make a single purchase? I'm not referring about a location where the staff treated you well and beyond your expectations since every company ought to treat its customers that way. Simple customer service like that!

I am instead referring to a company that had that special something that is difficult to describe. Whatever it is, it made you grin long after you had already departed. I've personally only encountered a handful of companies that possessed that special something, but they all had one thing in common: They consistently made me feel special even before I left.

Why did they succeed? What magic trick did they utilize to make visiting their establishment appear so magical? How can independent contractors do this to provide their clients a sense of genuine value?

Here are 9 strategies to help your freelancing customers feel properly appreciated both as a business partner and as individuals.

1. Keep in mind that clients are also people!

Everyone enjoys receiving praise, even in modest