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9 Ways to Really Value Your Customers

Have you ever visited a store that was so outstanding that you raved about it to everyone you knew even though you didn't make a single purchase? I'm not referring about a location where the staff treated you well and beyond your expectations since every company ought to treat its customers that way. Simple customer service like that!

I am instead referring to a company that had that special something that is difficult to describe. Whatever it is, it made you grin long after you had already departed. I've personally only encountered a handful of companies that possessed that special something, but they all had one thing in common: They consistently made me feel special even before I left.

Why did they succeed? What magic trick did they utilize to make visiting their establishment appear so magical? How can independent contractors do this to provide their clients a sense of genuine value?

Here are 9 strategies to help your freelancing customers feel properly appreciated both as a business partner and as individuals.

1. Keep in mind that clients are also people!

Everyone enjoys receiving praise, even in modest amounts. Making sure to treat your customers like actual humans and not simply machines on the other side of a computer screen is one thing you can do.

To assist your clients in celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries, find out when they will be doing so. If your company strategy allows it, think about providing them with a unique discount. This not only increases your sales but also gives them the impression that you appreciate their company. Use classy stationery and individually sign the card before mailing it to them to enhance the experience. Sending an email might seem far less special than mailing a handwritten note. creator Jackie Lam claimed that in order to make her clients feel special, she sends them handwritten cards and letters.

Although having a good time is vital, it's also crucial to support customers at difficult moments. Sarah Bettencourt stated that she strives to keep in mind that her customers are also persons.

She said that she had sent several of them flowers at times of bereavement or illness. Sometimes I phone them and have a heart-to-heart, either about a challenging circumstance or to congratulate them on their achievements.

2. Pay particular attention

Nothing says VIP like being given the red carpet treatment and being given a tour. You don't want to choke off your clients or consumers, though. Don't attack them as soon as they enter through the entrance. Avoid inundating your customers with calls and emails to the point of overwhelm if they transact with you online rather than in a physical location. If they believe you are pressing them, they could stop doing business with you, which would be a loss for you.

It may seem challenging to strike the appropriate amount of individualized attention without seeming intrusive, but the key is to let them know you care about them and your needs. So that people understand you are there to assist them, be visible and accessible. Make sure to greet them by name and convey that they are your first priority. As a consequence, they will feel appreciated, which can be exactly what motivates them to conduct more business with you in the future.

3. Give gratitude

Thank your customers for doing business with you whenever you can. Again, if you go overboard, it will come off as phony and you don't want that. Always be sincere while saying "thank you," as your clients and consumers can immediately tell when something is false, which might make them feel misled and lose you a client. Being genuine is essential if you want to earn client and consumer loyalty.

Offering your clients and customers something unique over the holidays, such as a modest gift or card, is one way to express your gratitude.

Megan Harris, a manuscript editor, claimed that as a gesture of gratitude, she sent personalized Christmas gifts to several of her customers.

"New customers received Starbucks gift cards. Fingerless gloves, dice for tabletop gaming, rearview mirror decals, comic novels, and other items were purchased by clients I've had for years, she added. "I would not give as many personalized presents the next year, but everyone really enjoyed them."

Alternately, celebrate Client and Customer Appreciation Day to express your gratitude for their business. Make sure they know how much you value them because they are the reason your company exists.

4. Establish a VIP List

Make a VIP list of only those clients if you have a small number of them and they are particularly devoted to you and frequently transact business with you. You might have a unique deal only for them or let a select group of VIPs in during off-peak hours. Of course, you still want to give each and every one of your clients and customers the respect they deserve. A VIP list only expresses appreciation for your customers' business and recognizes the volume of business some of them provide you.

5. Pay Attention to Advice

You can learn what your customers like and hate by asking them for a tiny amount of information. By doing this, you can adapt to their preferences and boost sales while also providing them with a genuine sense of care and appreciation. Additionally, you might use the data to notify them when new goods or services that you think they'll appreciate are become available. Always strive to make your offerings better in the sake of assisting others.

6. Become a Client of Theirs

Turning the tables and becoming your clients' customer is one method to make them feel appreciated. When you require the services or goods that your customers offer, keep them in mind whether they own businesses or produce goods as well. They could stop doing business with you and find someone else if they learn that you conducted business outside of town or with a person who is not a client of yours.

7. Remain Professional

You need to become something distinctive if you want to make your customers feel special. If you have a storefront, it has to be kept tidy, clean, and attractively displayed at all times. To encourage your clients and consumers to remain longer and make more purchases, you need the ideal lighting, music, and even temperature. When giving them gifts for birthdays or holidays, use distinctive wrapping paper. Make every effort to make your shop or company exceptional and unique because your consumers deserve it.

Keep your website and mobile websites updated if you do your company online rather than at a physical location. Make modifications and updates as needed to make doing business with you as simple as feasible.

8. Keep in touch with your clients

Inform your consumers and clients of any new developments in your company. If you plan to offer any new goods or services, let your customers know when they may expect them. Do you have any special sales or promotions planned? Send out a newsletter or an invitation to inform your audience. To let customers realize the things you are selling are unique, including a promotional deal with restricted availability and dates.

9. Handle workers and contractors equally

Well, how a company treats both its customers and its staff may reveal a lot about it. Do you currently employ people or have you hired workers for your company? If so, you must treat them with respect.

Great teamwork may make or ruin your entire enterprise. When your staff members feel appreciated, they will extol the virtues of working for you. Employee discounts alone won't increase employee loyalty. Treat them kindly instead. I appreciate them working for me. When you can without going overboard and being phony, acknowledge them in front of other people. Reward original thinking or exceptional performance. Include a section with an employee pick of the month or quarter in a regular newsletter. If they are having trouble in some areas, assist them.

I don't know whether you've noticed, but a common thread runs across all of the suggestions on how to make your customers feel sincerely appreciated. It is to be kind to others. People must occasionally be treated better than they may even deserve. Making your clients and customers feel unique, though, may have wonderful benefits for your organization. It will not only make your clients feel special, but it will also make your company unique.


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