How To Speak Your Customer’s Language

Do you speak B2C? Perhaps you’re more fluent in the B2B language. Actually, they are two different languages with some similarities.

When developing a B2C message, you can imagine your ideal client – their personal preferences, their desires, their fears. It’s not hard to imagine an individual using your service or product.

When crafting your message for a B2B, it’s more challenging to understand what’s important to not only the individual, but for the company overall.

Define Your Customer

Get clear about who your customer is, what makes them tick, and what their situation is around the problem.

List Your Questions

Write a list of questions you’d like to answer about your ideal client and their situation, so you can speak to it.

Try Social Listening

Visit some of the online places your ideal client hangs out: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Have Conversations

This is the fun part! Have genuine conversations with the people you’re here to help.