Small Business Marketing During COVID-19

During this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic, many small business owners have been forced to close their doors for an uncertain amount of time. Others, have been able to adapt and work virtually from home. Yet the fiscal impact of consumers halting the sales of nonessential products and services have left tens of thousands of businesses wondering what they need to survive.

While small business owners are slowly trying to adjust to this "new normal," they might need to rethink their marketing strategy. Here are some ideas of how to pivot your marketing during these times.

Marketing Budget

A typical marketing budget can be as much or as little as 30% of a business's' overall annual budget. But as a business owner, should you reduce your marketing expenses especially is no one is buying?

"No," says Sharon Arena of Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC. "This is the biggest issue I see with small businesses. Once a business owner starts to see a drop in sales, they look to cut their marketing budget as an automatic reaction," she adds. "This is an opportunity to look for other unnecessary costs and continue to strengthen marketing your business." Also, by severely cutting your marketing budget, you'll miss out on an opportunity to reach future customers.


Some social media platforms recently did a survey on how long the average person spends online each day, and it's a lot - over six hours to be exact (Hootsuite). Since the majority of consumers are spending more time at home and on their devices, your business should be online front-and-center.