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Tips for Small Business Marketing

Marketing your small business in the online world can seen daunting to many entrepreneurs, as you can’t help but ask the question: Where do I begin? Sure, the Internet facilitates countless opportunities for brand identification, but deciding on a game plan can seem confusing. That is why it’s imperative to approach your online advertising strategy with care. Hopefully, these following tips for small business marketing enhance your approach and create much-needed insights for you and your company!

Smartphones, smartphone, smartphones.

Yep, you guessed it—the bulk of people’s time online is now through their phone, not their desktop. This is why banner ads are soooo ten years ago, as many people aren’t actually sitting at their computer and aiming to click on your advertisement at the top of the screen. Smartphones are where it’s at, which is why your marketing game plan needs to be centered around them.

Most people look at their phones right before they go to sleep and first thing in the morning. Nowadays, with the online streaming networks, people watch TV and movies on their phones, too. As you can imagine, that’s an incredible opportunity to market towards specific demographics and promote your brand.

Boost your Facebook posts.

Unfortunately, if you are promoting a product on Facebook and posting for free, you are probably only reaching 2% of your target audience and followers. That’s why it’s imperative that you “boost” your posts, which involves paying for them. This way, you are able to reach customers more effectively, ensuring they see the hard work you are putting into crafting intelligent, witty and engaging posts about your product or service.

Embrace pay per click.

Embracing PPC (pay per click) is an optimal way to make the most of your marketing campaign. This involves you paying a publisher every time the ad itself is clicked. This allows you to track who is seeing your ad, but also ensures you have an ad that is well placed and well crafted as the money only comes when it’s clicked.


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