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5 Ways to Promote Your Business on TikTok

More and more people are curious about the burgeoning phenomenon that is TikTok, so they are downloading it from the app stores to find out what all the fuss is about and, more importantly, whether or not they can use it to advertise their businesses.

Does your company have reservations about being part of the massive TikTok audience? About 900,000 Americans use TikTok on a monthly basis. Statista reports that the typical user spends 46 minutes per day, or 858 minutes per month, using the app. That being said, it's a fantastic medium to use for reaching out to existing and future clients in novel ways.

TikTok created TikTok for Business with companies in mind, giving them additional tools to boost engagement and other metrics of importance. Now is the moment to use TikTok as a marketing tool to increase leads, sales, and conversions because of the enthusiasm around this newer platform and the resources it offers for your brand. If you're looking for some New Year's resolutions to help you conquer TikTok, our team has compiled the best advice we could find.

Tip #1 – Produce Engaging Material

TikTok is great because all you need is a smartphone to create high-quality, professionally recorded and edited films. To succeed, though, you'll need a flair for creativity and the ability to produce original, engaging material. Many businesses won't be able to afford this kind of content, and it may not be suitable for your brand anyhow.

All of your marketing efforts should support the company's mission and brand image. Because of the casual nature of the TikTok community, coming off as too serious or salesy would drive away viewers. You should still develop humorous material for this new visual platform, even if you plan to promote yourself or your company seriously.

Tip #2 – Take Advantage of Appropriate Hashtags

You should think about TikTok SEO if you want people to find your content on the platform. Search engine optimization (SEO) for TikTok refers to the steps you take to raise the visibility of your videos in the app's search results. You may accomplish this most effectively by using appropriate hashtags in your video submissions.

Find relevant, umbrella phrases by searching TikTok if you don't know what hashtags to use. Next, TikTok will suggest many hashtags that are relevant to your input. TikTok hashtag usage is extremely similar to Instagram usage; therefore, you should first investigate your niche before devising a plan.

Tip #3 – Pay Attention To The Current Trends

One of the most important aspects of learning how to go viral on TikTok and Instagram is how to identify and capitalize on emerging trends. Pay attention to the "For You" and "Discovery" sections to see what kinds of material are trending so you can adapt it to your brand's message. If you want to see how the first ten videos on each platform handle the use of hashtags, effects, and transitions, make it a habit to do so.

One of the most common TikTok trends is users moving or dancing to tunes. Like with hashtags, the popular sounds on TikTok come and go, providing your business with a fresh opportunity to ride a wave of popularity. It pays to keep an ear out for new music and create content as soon as a song gains traction in the market.

Tip #4 – Promote your business using TikTok

Since it has the potential of larger platforms like Instagram but is yet mostly unexploited by marketers, TikTok is one of the most intriguing new advertising channels. As a result, producing impressions and clicks may be more cost-effective.

In-feed advertisements, sponsored hashtag challenges, and banner ads may all be run from the app's main page, which is a prime real estate for advertisers. In addition to age, location, and demographics, advertisers can also focus on people who have already shown interest in similar content. TikTok for Business is a self-service ad platform that marketers may utilize to make their own marketing campaigns. It's true that by 2020, TikTok has made $1 billion in income. That growth bodes well for their ad-supported business model in the year 2022.

You should know that the cost of advertising on TikTok is more than on other social media platforms. TikTok for Business has a $500 minimum spend requirement for advertising, while Facebook and Instagram both allow you to start an ad campaign for as little as $20.

Tip #5 – Involve yourself in Influencer Marketing

The concept of marketing through influential people is not new. In case you haven't heard of it before, digital influencer marketing is paying a popular online figure to spread the word about your products. This form of advertising is quite effective since it seems more like a personal recommendation than an advertisement. The viewer's confidence in the product increases as a result.

In the case of TikTok, this is taken to a whole new level with the use of influencer marketing. Instagram has been oversaturated with brands trying to cash in on the platform's popularity and the fact that marketing on Instagram is still effective. Consequently, more and more Instagram users are ignoring sponsored posts in the same way they would any other kind of advertising. TikTok's engagement rate with influencers is approximately 18%, well surpassing Instagram's 3.86% and YouTube's 1.63%, according to research. This results in a better ROI for commercial enterprises.


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