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Tips, Ideas, and Examples for Going Live on TikTok

Are you looking for the perfect TikTok video to make your account go viral? We don't have it, but there is a method to come close. TikTok LIVE may help you build real-time relationships with your audience while also drawing new followers to your account.

All you have to do is switch on the camera and start chatting, which we'll demonstrate in this article.

What is TikTok Live, exactly?

TikTok LIVE is exactly what it sounds like—version it's TikTok's of live video, similar to Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live. TikTok LIVE, according to the site, allows users and artists to communicate in real time. There are a few conditions that must be met:

  • To access TikTok live, you must have at least 1,000 followers (although there is currently a hack—more about that later).

  • To start your own life, you must be 16 years old or older.

  • To send and receive presents during a LIVE, you must be at least 18 years old. During a live stream, gifts are basically virtual offers from your viewers that may be converted into cash.

How to use TikTok to go live

Follow these procedures to go live on TikTok if you match the aforementioned requirements:

  • Activate the camera.

  • Under the red button, scroll through the choices until you find LIVE and hit it.

  • Make a title for your live broadcast.

  • Select a cover photo, a theme, and any other filters.

  • Go LIVE by tapping the pink icon.

Here’s what to do:

Step #1: To access the camera, first click the + at the bottom of your TikTok screen.

Step #2: The recording choices are located underneath the red record button. Tap the LIVE option after scrolling to the right.

Step #3: Give it a title. Keep it brief and sweet! There are just roughly 30 characters available.

Step #4: Select a cover image. You can use this as your profile photo or change it to something different. Select a theme, filters, effects, and more. You may also donate to a charitable organization.

Step #5: Select "Go LIVE."

Before your video starts, there will be a three-second countdown. If this button does not appear, check sure you've satisfied all of the TikTok LIVE criteria. If this is the case, there may be too many live streams running at the same time. After a few minutes, try again.

Without 1000 followers, how can you go live on TikTok?

There is now a "trick" to get TikTok Live access without having to have 1,000 followers. Here's what you should do:

  • To access your account settings, tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of your profile.

  • "Report a problem" will appear.

  • "I can't start a TikTok LIVE," tap it.

  • Select No when asked if your issue has been fixed.

  • Write something along the lines of: Hi there, I'm having trouble accessing TikTok Live in the "Send us your comments" box. Could you kindly make it possible for me?

  • After you send the message, you should have access to TikTok Live in two days.

With screenshots, here are the steps to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers:

Step 1: To access your account settings, tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of your profile:

Step 2: Select "Report an issue."

Step #3: Select "I'm unable to begin a LIVE."

Step #4: Select No when asked if your issue has been fixed.

Step #5: In the "Send us your feedback" box, type something like "Hello, I'm having trouble accessing TikTok Live." Could you kindly make it possible for me?

Step #6: Hit submit, and TikTok Live should be available in 24-72 hours.

Live tips/best practices for TikTok

1. Set a goal for yourself.

Determine what you want to receive out of your TikTok LIVE experience. Do you want to express a specific message with your audience, advertise a new product, increase site traffic, or just interact with your community? The possibilities are unlimited, and setting a goal before going live guarantees that your live stream is purposeful and beneficial to your marketing approach.

2. Select an appropriate topic

Once you've decided on a goal, you'll need to select a topic that will help you achieve it. Your topic should be intriguing. If you wanted to market a new product, you might talk about how your followers can utilize it to solve a common problem. You could also select a larger theme for the month and make a weekly live broadcast on subtopics. strategy for marketing

3. Plan out your life

Structure is required if you want to keep your audience engaged until the end of your live stream. Before you press the red GO button, think about how you'll begin, transition, and finish your life. Starting by saying hello and introducing oneself to new visitors is typically a smart approach. Explain the live stream's topic after a large number of people have joined.

The center of your live broadcast can be designed anyway you choose; all that matters is that it flows naturally and keeps viewers engaged. Steps in a how-to film or a question-and-answer session are two examples.

4. Limit yourself to 30 minutes.

Determine how much time you want to spend on live. Because TikTok is designed for shorter material, 30 minutes is a decent maximum duration restriction to keep in mind (yes, even when it comes to live streams). You want enough time to do your task, but you also want it to be brief enough for viewers to stay until you're ready to depart. Keeping an eye on the clock while recording is easier if you plan your length ahead of time. That way, you'll know when it's time to move on to the next part of your live broadcast.

5. Publish at the appropriate time

When it comes to timing, make sure you launch when the bulk of your consumers are online. This information may be found in the Follower Activity area of your TikTok statistics. The logic is simple: if you go live while your audience is online, you'll receive greater engagement.

6. Avoid prescriptions at all costs.

Yes, preparation is essential. As a result, avoid making your videos feel contrived. The raw content's genuineness is part of TikTok's allure. Your TikTok audience may not respond well if your live streaming feel rigid and rehearsed. Your life should be planned to give value to both you and your audience, but they should also be casual enough to build an organic relationship.

7. Focus on quality.

Live broadcasts, like TikToks, should not be overproduced. That doesn't negate the importance of high-definition video. Make your live broadcasts seem as nice as possible by recording in adequate lighting (in front of a window would do), monitoring the sound quality and eliminating noisy interruptions, and having a stable internet connection.

8. Describe the following steps for viewers.

If you include a call to action before signing off, you'll receive greater results from your live. Reiterate anything you intended your audience to take away from the livestream, then tell them how they may learn more. Requesting a follow or sending users to your website are two examples.

9. Make it participatory.

The major goal of TikTok live, as previously said, is to communicate with people in real time. Pay attention to the questions and respond appropriately. Thank new followers for their support, as well as any presents you may get throughout your recording. Some TikTok lives, like the one below, are completely based on audience requests.

Live TikTok ideas and examples

1. Set a challenge for yourself.

Try out a live challenge. You can even capture the behind-the-scenes of a live TikTok—you'll simply need to shoot on different devices.

2. Record a live Q&A session.

Gather questions ahead of time or wait for them to arise in your live stream comments, then respond to the most interesting ones to strengthen your connection with your audience.

3. Organize interviews

Hosting interviews with other TikTok users is a fun way to expand your following while also adding content. Consider the following example. This is not a live session by @ameliezilber, but it might easily be. Also, expanding your audience doesn't have to include interviewing another creator—you might collaborate by undertaking a challenge together, a joint Q&A, or simply conversing about a topic that interests both audiences.

4. Request feedback

Live is an excellent way to test new material and ideas while also getting feedback from your audience. You may also ask your fans directly in the live if they believe your new content idea is a winner (or a flop).

5. A look behind the scenes

Show your audience what it's like to generate content or operate a business by taking them behind the scenes.

6. Create a useful how-to.

Show your audience, step by step, how to accomplish something you're skilled at. This is an excellent approach to organize your live broadcast and keep viewers interested until the very end. It's also a tempting offer for your target demographic.

7. Talk about current events.

Your audience exists in the same universe as you. If you're thinking about current events in the globe or in your area, chances are your followers are, too.

8. Have a conversation while cooking

We're all chefs. Why not provide entertainment for your audience while you catch up on live? Talk about life, future content ideas, or anything else that can pique your audience's interest.

9. Demonstrate the manufacturing process for your goods.

This cosmetics firm is addressing questions about their product while showing footage of how it's manufactured in the TikTok live example below—a terrific method to convince your customers that your product is exactly what you claim it to be.

10. Host a live stream fundraising event

Hold a live broadcast fundraiser to allow your audience to contribute back. To encourage participation, you might provide incentives or match donations. Fundraisers may help you connect with your audience by bringing you and your supporters together around a common cause.

Today Start Your First TikTok LIVE

Using TikTok to interact with your community, establish a following, and generate traffic to your website is a terrific idea. The nicest thing is how straightforward it is! There's no need to edit—just stand in front of the camera and start chatting. If you're nervous at first, adding a buddy (or even a fan) onto your live broadcast can help.


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