Go Live on TikTok! (No matter how many followers)

Look no farther than this list of the best viral TikTok videos of all time. We don't have it, but there is a way to come close. TikTok LIVE is a great way to interact with your fans in real-time while also gaining new ones.

In this post, we'll teach you how to switch on the camera and begin speaking.

What is TikTok Live?

Like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live, TikTok LIVE is a means for TikTok users to broadcast live videos. TikTok LIVE is a method for users and artists to communicate in real-time, according to the company. There are a few conditions that must be met:

  • At the present, you need to have at least 1,000 followers in order to access TikTok live, however, there is a hack available.

  • To start your own live streaming business, you must be at least 16 years old.

  • To participate in a LIVE, you must be at least 18 years old. During a live stream, your viewers can make virtual gifts to you, which you can then exchange for real money.

TikTok Live Streaming

To begin using TikTok, you'll need to satisfy the prerequisites listed above.

  1. Take a picture.

  2. You may locate LIVE by scrolling through the options beneath the red button.

  3. Title your live broadcast.

  4. Add any additional filters to your cover photo.

  5. Go LIVE by pressing the red button.

Your video will begin with a three-second countdown. TikTok LIVE requires that you meet all of the prerequisites before this button appears. It's likely that there are too many live broadcasts taking place at the same moment if you've done so. Try again in a few of minutes.

The secret to going live on TikTok without having a following of a thousand users

To get around the 1,000 follower requirement, there's a "trick" you may do right now. Do the following:

  1. You can access your account settings by tapping the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of your profile.

  2. Click on "Report a problem" to let us know what's wrong.

  3. If you're unable to begin a TikTok LIVE, select "I can't start one."

  4. Select No when asked if your issue has been fixed.

  5. Write something like: Hello, I am unable to access TikTok Live in the "Send us your comments" box. What if I asked you to turn it on for me?

  6. Your account will be activated roughly two days after you make your request.