4 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Shark Week

Updated: Aug 9

For the 28th consecutive year, Shark Week has returned to television screens, catching the interest of people all around the world. The Discovery Channel's annual shark frenzy is its most popular week of the entire year in terms of viewership. The instructional and enjoyable shark programs captivate viewers and marketers alike, bringing millions of viewers and money to the cable channel.

Shark Week programs have shown us that these creatures aren't mindless eaters; instead, they are deft planners that employ a variety of senses to track down and seize just the correct kind of food. Employing the same strategies as these top predators would be a sensible move if you want your company to eat up a greater share of the market.

(Credit: Dribbble.com, Steve Whiting, Sub@omic)

In honor of Shark Week, let's dive in and see what these remarkable creatures can teach us about marketing. You may leverage these four shark characteristics to help your company ascend the food chain.

1. Develop Your Senses

Sharks have existed for millions of years, during which time their highly developed senses for locating prey have evolved. These sophisticated hunting robots have excellent senses of sight, smell, hearing, and even the electrical impulses that fish emit.

Even while our senses aren't all that sophisticated, we do have some incredible tools that can help us spot changes in the market and customer interest. Discover what your target market is saying and information about them, such as where they purchase, how they spend their time, and how they want to be contacted with, by using tools like Twitter Search and Buyer Persona research. Because they could alter at any time, research the demands of your intended audience. To fine-tune your messages to your audience's demands, you'll need to continuously test and embrace new ones.

2. Show Curiosity

Sharks are naturally inquisitive creatures who like exploring new noises and scents. This sense enables them to locate food in featureless water stretches. Unfortunately, their curiosity occasionally gets them near to people, which can lead to curious, exploratory bites. Ouch.

Curiosity is a terrific quality to possess as well in order to be a successful marketing expert. You need to have the motivation to always attempt new things and test the boundaries of what attracts an audience and what doesn't. Follow the most recent marketing blogs to stay informed and to see what other businesses and sectors are doing. Perhaps you might find anything that you can change and personalize.

3. Adjustment

Sharks are the top predators because of their capacity to adapt to various food sources, water temperatures, and hunting techniques. Sharks have the extraordinary capacity to keep their bodies warmer than the surrounding water. They may respond more quickly than their prey in cooler water because to this adaption. Your marketing efforts will result in more leads if you can change with the times like a shark.

Success in business and marketing depends on adaptation. You must be conscious of your existing talents and prepared to develop them or alter course as necessary to meet market demands. A/B testing is one excellent technique to experiment with and improve your marketing messaging. Try testing several iterations, even if it's only a headline. Even this straightforward of a modification can increase conversion rates.