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4 Free Small Business Marketing Tools

Here's a list of four marketing techniques that are both useful and inexpensive.

There's only one thing better than discovering a useful new marketing tool: discovering a useful, free marketing tool. Here's a list of four marketing techniques that are both useful and inexpensive.

1. Content Idea Generator by Portent

Have you ever felt stuck for ideas for your next article, blog post, or free guide? If that's the case, this is an excellent tool for you. Simply enter a topic into Portent's Material Idea Generator, and the program will present you with a series of unique viewpoints on that content in the form of a headline.

"Small Business Marketing," for example, is renamed "The 18 Best Small Business Marketing YouTube Videos." While not all of the recommendations will be appropriate, they will undoubtedly aid your creative process!

2. The Ernest Hemingway App!

Hemingway aids in the reduction of complexity. It improves the impact and comprehension of your sales text for both online and offline prospects. It accomplishes this by evaluating your material and issuing color-coded notifications that indicate excessively long or complicated phrases, superfluous adverbs, and passive voice.

What is the significance of this? Great marketers understand that clear, concise messaging cut through the clutter. Simplicity provides you the best opportunity of connecting with your audience.

3. Buffer’s Pablo

Do you find that creating captivating graphics to complement your content on social media slows you down? Don't be concerned. Buffer makes it simple and quick to create social media photos.

It gives a practical, "light" alternative to more difficult software programs like Photoshop, with access to over 600,000 free photos, simple photo effects, the ability to add text, and tools to quickly scale for a range of social networks.

4. Launch the Site Explorer application.

When it comes to search engine optimization, links are quite important. Open Site Explorer lets you enter the URL of any website and get a list of all inbound connections right away (other web pages that link to you). It also reports the page and rank authority for each inbound link. This is significant because Google and other search engines will favor your site if it is linked to by other "high authority" sites.

You might also use Open Site Explorer to perform a competition study. What are the high-quality websites that connect to them? Is there a way for you to get a link from these similar sites, either through a submission procedure or by making a personal request?


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