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Effective Digital Marketing Tips

Living in a digital era, we all know the importance of online advertising. While we may still see paper brochures and ink-to-paper newspaper ads, the bulk of marketing nowadays occurs on the internet. As a small business owner, are you aware of all the online marketing practices you can be implementing? It’s easy to overlook them with so many other elements of the day-to-day to think about. Let’s delve into some more prominent practices to remind you of what to be looking for when bringing your business or company into the 21st century!

Social Media Marketing

Well, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Social media is everywhere nowadays—in fact, it’s hard to escape it! More people spend time on sites like Instagram and Facebook than any others, making it ideal landing ground for truly effective marketing. Whether it’s taking advantage of a wider audience to promote your products or services or spreading the word about relevant blogs and articles, you don’t want to miss out by bypassing all things social!


If you’ve dabbled in the online marketing realm, more than likely you have heard three important letters: SEO. Search engine optimization allows you to strategize how best to bring people and visitors to your website with the ultimate goal of increasing sales. This involves finding effective and relevant keywords people might type into a search box to help find your own page or site. Yes, it’s true, finding the right words can really make a difference!

Content Creation

Creating and posting creative content, both long and short, will help you spread the news about your brand and expand your audience. Content isn’t only blogs, either—it consists of effective video storytelling that further links consumers with your company. A major trend for 2019 is longer form content creation, which is a departure from more traditional shorter blog articles, so hiring an effective copywriter for this work is key.

All in all, finding the right online marketing practices will take you to the finish line with you and your business. If you haven’t begun implementing the ones listed above—begin by doing so today!


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Darien & Westport, CT. We service businesses with marketing strategies, social media and consultations.

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