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37 Realistic Thank You for Your Order Messages, Templates, and Images

Did you realize that if you made just one purchase on average each day, you may receive a "thank you for your order" message more than 20,000 times over your lifetime? That is a lot of appreciation.

Consider how many of them are just boilerplate thank-you notes devoid of any genuine feeling. You'll discover 37 sincere, original, and enjoyable thank you for your order and buy phrases, templates, and pictures in this article that you may use in your:

  • Personalized cards

  • Email confirmations

  • Pages of thanks

  • Actual receipts

  • Bills, texts, and other things.

Use them to speak directly to the customers who are the foundation of your company

A few notes:

Naturally, the terms "order" and "buy" in any of these statements are interchangeable. The messages may be edited or copied and pasted as you see fit. If you wish to use some more colorful terminology, there is a word list at the conclusion.

The photos may be created and downloaded easily from Canva. You can establish a free Canva account if you don't already have one.

How do you express gratitude for your purchase?

Two things happen when you thank clients for their purchase. First of all, when it's sent to them in a thank you page or email, it serves as confirmation that their purchase is, in fact, finished. This is significant since checkout procedures usually involve more than one click.

Second, you have an opportunity to truly say thank you. The genuine thankfulness you have as a small entrepreneur when someone supports you, not the generic "thanks for being a valued client." And you can convey this in the content you use for your confirmation emails and websites as well as in any thank-you cards you may want to add in your packing for orders.

There are many ways to express gratitude for purchase, but here are some general guidelines:

Keep it brief. The ideal length is Twitter's (360 characters).

  • Publish a CTA. This is not required. Re-purchase, post a review or look up a resource. Keep them interested!

  • Be sincere. Speak in the voice of your company. Keep the discussion casual.

  • Insert a graphic component. a meme, gif, or image. This will give the scene more feeling.

  • Customize it. If possible, include their name and the item they purchased.

  • Give specifics. Make sure to include the purchase information and/or inform the customer of what to anticipate next if this appears on a thank you page or email.

Gratitude for the order emails

You don't need to search any further if you need any thank you email language.

  • I appreciate your purchase. We're certain that you'll adore it. You may monitor your purchase here, leave a review here, or return here to shop.

  • Woohoo! You're not just about to [gain], but you also just helped our tiny company, and that means a lot. I appreciate your purchase.

  • I appreciate your purchase. When it ships, we'll let you know right away. Check out this page for use instructions while you wait. or inform others! To share your order on social media, click here.

  • Thank you for your order would be an understatement, but as we can't really offer a hug, we'll just say that.

  • We appreciate your [product name], [Name] purchase! We're anticipatorily happy for you. Don't forget to go through our setup fast tips.

  • You ROCK. Thank you for your purchase and for helping this local small company, [Name]. Could you help us a little bit more and write us a review if you had one more minute to spare?

  • I appreciate your purchase, [Name]! Here is a discount of 20% off your next purchase since you're a new client. When you're ready for your next [product], click here!

  • Order fulfilled! We appreciate you picking us, a lot! Details are as follows:

  • I appreciate your purchase. Within a few days, you should get a shipment email. How are we doing now, by the way? Please let us know what you enjoyed or what may be improved by using this 5-second feedback form. We want you to enjoy every minute of your time spent shopping with us!

  • I appreciate your purchase. Every purchase helps to sustain our tiny company, which is really important.

Thank you for your purchase orders

Use this text for any remarks you want to include in the order packing. You should stick to the most basic calls to action for these, such as leaving a Google review.

Keep in mind that you may still include a thank-you message on the front of your cards while including further details or requests on the reverse, such as the URLs of your website, social media accounts, and review websites.

  • I appreciate your purchase. We really appreciate your support of small companies, particularly those like ours.

  • The wait is over now. We're happy it's in excellent hands and that your [product name] is now in your hands. Use your hands to write a review for us now! Only if you want. Many thanks for your purchase!

  • I appreciate your purchase. We anticipate that you will adore it. Use the coupon code TAKE10 to get 10% off your subsequent purchase.

  • At last! a [product] with [important feature/benefit]. I much appreciate your purchase and your patronage of my tiny company.

  • I appreciate your purchase. A response? Go to and share your thoughts. We want to hear it everything, good or bad!

  • A thousand thanks are worth a single order. We won't annoy you with that, however. Instead, take this $10 off voucher for the next time we see you. I appreciate your purchase.

  • I appreciate your purchase. For a chance to be featured on our social media, use the hashtag #customhashtagname to share your experience with [product] on Instagram.

How can you express your gratitude for your purchase?

"Order" doesn't always make sense, particularly for physical and mortar establishments. And it's not exactly effective to say, "thank you for putting food on my table." Type "buy" here. You may express your gratitude for your purchase in the same manner that you expressed it for your order (i.e., change all instances of "order" to "buy" in the templates). But I'll offer you a brand-new list below since I'm overflowing with ideas (and, let's be honest, for SEO reasons).

Thank you for the templates and purchase messages

  • I appreciate your purchase. We really hope you like your purchase as much as we enjoyed designing, developing, and producing it! Please write a review for us if you do. Inform those who share your interests!

  • Thank you for your recent purchase! Here is 20% off your next purchase as a thank you from us.

  • We appreciate your purchase. You made our day! Wish to brighten our week? Write a review for us! Do you want to make our month? Come back. our year, please? Invite your pals!

  • Thank you, [Name], for your purchase! We're offering you $10 off when you come back for more since we're so certain you'll love it. We'll talk shortly.

  • We appreciate your purchase. Seriously. There is never too much assistance for small businesses. Please use the code THX20 to get 20% off your next purchase!

  • We appreciate your purchase very much! We thank you for making our day, and we wish you a wonderful one as well. I'll see you shortly.

  • I appreciate your purchase. We would like it if you wrote us a review if you find yourself in utter awe of it!

  • I appreciate your purchase. We will always be grateful to you for helping our company expand. Take pleasure in your [product] and continue to assist tiny enterprises!

We appreciate your gift cards

Use these phrases in the actual thank-you cards you send to customers.

  • Thank you, [Name], for your purchase. For tiny companies like ours, your business is very important. We forward to seeing you soon!

  • Mahalo. Gracias. Merci. Grazie. Obrigado. Dhanyavaad. Xiéxié. I might say, I'm seven times grateful for your buy!

  • We appreciate your purchase! If (but really, when) you find yourself enjoying it, please write a review of us to assist others in finding fantastic things!

  • One modest purchase from you brings a HUGE grin to everyone's face here at [business]. Thank you for selecting us!

  • We appreciate your purchase! Each one serves as a show of support for our tiny company, and that is priceless. Have a fantastic day!

  • We could just maintain our composure, but that wouldn't be sincere. We are really thrilled that you choose us. beyond the moon. As content as Larry. We appreciate your purchase; please visit us again soon!

  • You came, you looked, you bought, and you brightened our day. Make our year by leaving a review! We appreciate you picking [business]!

  • Hearing that? That sound is the result of our company standing a little bit higher because of your business. We appreciate your patronage of small companies and your purchase!

  • We're eager for you to use your new [thing]. We also want to express our gratitude for picking us as your [niche] supplier. However, we CAN offer you this discount for 20% off!

Wording for a thank you note after a customer purchase

Finally, if you want to add some variety to your language, here is a list of words and phrases you can use.

  • Appreciative

  • Aw, shucks!

  • Dog with two tails

  • Ecstatic

  • Elated

  • Grateful

  • Happy as a Larry

  • Heartfelt thanks

  • Honored

  • Humbled

  • Jazzed

  • Over the moon

  • Privileged

  • Psyched

  • Pumped

  • Sincere thanks

  • Thrilled

  • Tickled pink

  • Yay

  • Yippee

  • You shouldn’t have

Thank you for your order images

Once you create your free account on Canva, there are so many customizable templates that you can send to your customers and thank them in a big way!


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