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30 Minutes a Day to Grow your Instagram

With only 30 minutes every day, you can expand your Instagram account. Gone are the days when we thought we needed to spend all day on Instagram to develop a great brand and a loyal following. With focus and dedication, you can develop your account in 30 minutes a day!

Are you ready for the how?

1. Make an Instagram post.

If you're ready to go with your photos and captions, this may be done in a matter of seconds. This is when things become a bit complicated. You could spend more time deciding which photo to use with which description if you don't utilize a visual organizer program. Maybe you don't have a caption at all.

I strongly advise you to write all of your captions – or at the very least have prompts for them – in a Google Doc or in the notes area of your phone. If you do this over the weekend, it relieves you of the stress of having to come up with material during the week.

I understand that we are all quite busy. I have two children who have busier schedules than I do ;), but it will make a significant difference during the week. On Saturdays or Sundays, I prefer to write my prompts first thing in the morning.

Choose a time that is most convenient for you and go for it!

2. Stories, stories, stories

It might be intimidating if you've never written a story before, but it doesn't have to be!

You may develop a profitable Instagram account with just 5 minutes of video/pictures every day on your Instagram stories. You can change it up by sharing other people's material, sharing quotations, doing behind-the-scenes, talking about client victories, discussing what you're working on right now in your business, and so on.

Your involvement will increase if you start publishing on articles three times a day.

Because you know me, I have to tell you that getting on video is critical because it makes it simpler for others to connect with and "feel" you. It won't be enough to just share quips or odd images.

3. Participate in hashtag and story discussions

Okay, here is a brand-new strategy that has shown to be really effective! Assume you spend 20 minutes each day interacting with hashtags.

Then, divide that time between participating on hashtags that your ideal client uses and reading your ideal client's stories.

Engaging with people's stories has the added benefit of sending a message to their DM, where you may continue the conversation and build a friendship. And where do you look for these ideal followers?

Make use of hashtags!


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