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25 Things You Can Do To Market Your Business

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

When it comes to marketing your company, there are numerous options available that go beyond traditional advertising and promotions. In fact, there are so many strategies to market your company that I had to condense this list! What you must keep in mind is that you are in business to assist others or to provide a service that they require. That is the most effective marketing you can do. Here are 25 ways you may help get the word out.

Now, let's get started on the 25 Ways to Market Your Business!

1. Use Social Media - I know, this should go without saying, but I practically built my company from the bottom up using exclusively social media, so I've experienced firsthand the benefits! If you're looking for some social media marketing ideas, this article will help you out.

2. Provide a Free Tutorial — Create a brief video training, host a webinar, or provide a free phone call to share your knowledge. Remember to offer your support to those who require it in the end.

3. Send Follow-Up Notes to Past Clients — Check in with them to determine if they require any additional services.

4. Request Referrals - Inform friends, family, acquaintances, and business connections about your company and how you can assist them. Inquire about references!

5. Go to a Meetup or Networking Event - These are gold mines for promoting your company! Look into local chambers of commerce, business groups, or business events where you may meet new people and network.

6. Promote a discount or special offer - This is an excellent strategy to attract new and existing customers. Give them a reason to collaborate with you again!

7. Email Your Subscriber List – If you have one, this is a great way to get leads. They've already signed up for your mailing list, now give them what they want

8. Write a guest post – This will allow you to reach a completely new audience! Choose a blog or website with a similar target audience to yours.

9. Strategic Relationships - Form alliances with other business owners and form partnerships to promote each other's services.

10. Join Facebook groups to network - another gold mine! There are networking organizations dedicated solely to networking, groups packed with business owners from many industries, and you can locate them by conducting a simple search.

11. Make a YouTube video — YouTube has a massive audience, and this could help you reach a whole new set of perfect clients.

12. Give a Presentation — Reach out to local institutions or business networks and offer to talk about your area of expertise.

13. Offer a Freebie — Offer a high-value free resource to your target followers in exchange for their email address. There are several ways to expand your business, whether it's through checklists, challenges, resource guides, or mini courses.

14. Organize a Giveaway – Do you want to attract new customers to your business? Give away something. This can give you a pool of fresh people who require what you have to advertise to in the future, whether it's items or services.

15. Sponsor an Event - Find a method to give back to your community by making a donation or donating your skills in exchange for a business promotion by sponsoring an event.

16. Provide an Affiliate Program — Enlist previous customers or key partners to offer your products or services as affiliates. Then you both get compensated each time they make a sale.

17. Interview Others - Find and interview industry influencers! It's likely that they'll share your interview with their contacts, helping to spread the news about your company.

18. Host Your Own Event - Charge a minimal fee to cover expenses and impress your guests by providing them with a lot of value! Give them something to talk about and share with their friends and colleagues.

19. Create a Facebook Ad — These are quite popular right now, and with good reason. They produce outcomes! Offer a freebie, sell your items, or simply promote your page. In either case, this can be a big help in expanding your company.

20. Host a Twitter Chat - Connect with other Twitter users and hold a discussion about a topic you're knowledgeable about. Use a unified hashtag and have everyone ask their followers to participate.

21. Contact Local Media – Get in touch with local newspapers and news programs and inform them about your company! See if they'll cover you in a feature story.

22. Leave comments on blogs - Leave insightful and useful comments on influencer blogs. Other admirers will notice them and become curious about who you are.

23. Make a social media comment - Do you want to be noticed? Reply to Influencers and leave comments on Facebook sites. Your comments will be seen by their followers, and it's a terrific approach to build your authority.

24. Platforms – Joining new social media platforms is a fantastic approach to demonstrate your worth to the world. Remember to invite viewers to share the video with their social media networks.

25. Guest Post on Other Websites – Get as much exposure as possible for your work!

You may always call out to us for assistance in determining what chores to focus on in order to make marketing your business easier. The good news is that every day brings fresh opportunity to market your company.


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