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50 Ways To Market Your Online Business

Running out of ideas to market your business? We have 50 of them to share with you! Whether you’ve tried one or tried them all, we’d love to hear from you which ones you’ve liked the best.

1. SEO optimize your content

2. Create an attractive website

3. Create social media profiles

4. Build an email list

5. Connect your personal Facebook profile

6. Live streaming (Like Facebook Live, Instagram or TikTok)

7. Conduct a webinar

8. Hold a virtual giveaway

9. Ask past customers for referrals

10. Put up a recorded video about your offering

11. Create an infographic and share it

12. Join Facebook/LinkedIn groups

13. Share in other online communities

14. Get on Twitter and start talking to people

15. Initiate joint ventures with peers in the same niche

16. Join someone’s program and become their star student

17. Don’t hesitate to praise your competitors

18. Be a guest teacher in someone else’s program

19. Have a social sharing plugins on your site

20. Create freebies and request for people to share

21. Conduct a free challenge

22. Offer people free spots to your course/free calls

23. Leverage on holidays to boost sales

24. Get on directories like Google and other resources

25. Paid social media traffic

26. Other paid ads

27. Create your very own affiliate program

28. Guest post on larger sites

29. Send press releases to get coverage

30. Create a content round-up, email these influencers

31. Have a great launch party when there’s something new

32. Republish your content on Medium

33. Use Wisestamp and update your email signature

34. Get friendly with other peer bloggers

35. Host your own Podcast

36. Host your own interview show in YouTube

37. Write testimonials for people

38. Help influential people out

39. Be controversial

40. Use relevant hashtags on Instagram

41. Add your freebie/product into social media profile descriptions

42. Create content and pin them constantly onto Pinterest

43. Connect with people liberally on LinkedIn

44. Use Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

45. Get interviewed

46. Participate in forums

47. Repurpose blog posts and place in onto other social networks

48. Leverage on online marketplace sites

49. Offer your products/services to bloggers in exchange for a review

50. Always overdeliver to customers


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Westport, CT and Red Bank, NJ. We service businesses with marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media and consultations.

Phone: (203) 429-9671

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