17 Actional Small Business Marketing Tips

When moderating your next panel discussion, here are 17 thoughtful questions to ask (plus some great tips on creating your own).

1. Recognize your target audience

For their most popular articles, TAR Productions, a video production firm, had between 260 and 1,300 visits each month. Nevertheless, they weren't generating any top-notch leads from their traffic.

When content marketing company Grow and Convert looked at it, the issue was clear. Although they spoke about making films in their postings, their ideal customers weren't doing it. As a result, their work attracted other video production firms rather than their desired clientele, who would never hire them.

The similar error is made by many small enterprises. They produce material for people who are similar to them rather than for their intended audience. For instance, a company that writes about conversion rate optimization (CRO) will draw in CRO specialists, whereas a company that writes about shooting stunning images will draw in amateur photographers.