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Holiday Marketing to Increase Sales

Nobody loves to pass up an important opportunity. Make careful you organize your holiday promotions in advance to avoid being a no-show.

Your company cannot afford to lose out on the Christmas season with holiday retail sales expected to reach over $886 billion in 2021.

So allow us to demonstrate how to develop some fantastic holiday promotions and spread the word using appropriate holiday email templates.

We'll give you eight fantastic holiday promotion ideas in this article, along with advice on how to make your promotions successful this holiday season.

Holiday marketing suggestions to increase sales

1. Examine an early-bird deal

By thanking customers for their business, 3 Kittens Needle Arts used their Small Business Saturday email campaign to entice them to visit their store. For the first 25 customers who spent $50 or more, the yarn shop offered a special poinsettia giveaway in addition to tea and treats.

2. Post a holiday shopping guide.

A Christmas gift guide might assist your consumers in finding the ideal present. Include a range of suggestions for various family members and pricing ranges.

No Rest for Bridget, a fashion company, featured a range of gift suggestions in their Christmas newsletter, including coats, shoes, and jewelry.

3. Point out a bonus gift card offer.

Offer a special incentive to customers who buy gift cards from your company.

Customers who purchased gift cards at Prezo Grille & Bar were rewarded with a bonus of $25 for every $100 spent. For customers who wanted to give and receive, this presented the ideal win-win situation!

4. Offer free shipping

By providing free delivery, purchases will increase.

As William Roam did, you can even select a certain pricing point to entice customers to buy one or two more items to their basket.

5. Hold a holiday photo competition

Run a holiday photo contest like Tasty Burger this season to have fun with your customers.

They established a unique "12 Days of Ugly Sweaters" competition to encourage clients to flaunt their festive attire and enter to win a $150 gift certificate.

6. Describe your holiday events

Give your audience a discount or a coupon to advertise any events your company hosts, whether they are physical or online. A technology training company called Geek Girl sent out this email offering a 20 percent early bird discount to anyone who purchased tickets by the end of the year.

7. Pack your expertise

Owners of businesses that provide experiences or services are professionals in their field. Customers pay you for it, isn't that correct?

Create a digital asset to offer your audience a taste of what you do and to get them to sign up as a customer so they can experience your entire range of services. Any kind of giveaway is acceptable, including a webinar, an e-book with your top blog entries from the last year, or a list of 10 suggestions. In addition to offering a free registration for a webinar on food allergies, health coach Michelle Pfennighaus provided her recipe for Halloween pumpkin fudge cups.

8. Try a raffle or contest

Encourage your audience to participate in a contest or a raffle for a giveaway to keep your company top of mind. To enter to win the prize, they only need to provide their name and email, or you can ask them to make something. On their Facebook page, Workers' Credit Union announced the start of a pumpkin carving competition. Fans who sent in pictures of their pumpkins were eligible to win a $50 grocery store gift card.

5 suggestions for great holiday marketing

With the proper planning, you may have a Christmas campaign that will support the expansion of your company long after the holiday decorations have been taken down and stored.

Here are five ideas to help you have a successful Christmas promotion:

1. Ensure the timing of your message

You’ve probably heard about the three big shopping days this 2021 holiday season:

  • Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving)

  • Small Business Saturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving)

  • Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving)

When organizing your Christmas promotions, these three days need to be on your marketing calendar.

Start creating a schedule for the Christmas season as soon as you can. Consider when you will send your regular email newsletter, what you will post on Facebook or Twitter in the run-up to the holidays, and if you should run a local promotion.

Remember that the holiday shopping season doesn't officially begin until Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and the following weekend. The majority of your clients will continue to make purchases until December 31. Whether or not they choose to purchase with you depends entirely on how timely your promos are.

2. Make it simple for people to benefit from your holiday promos.

We are all aware that shopping during the holidays isn't always enjoyable.

Your customers are craving simplicity in the face of never-ending shopping lists, persistent crowds, and insufficient planning.

Here are five suggestions for how to make your holiday promotions simple for your audience.

  • Make it pertinent: During the holidays, consumers are bombarded with a lot of ineffective information. This year, be sure to pay attention to what your consumers really want. You may conduct a poll right away to find out precisely what clients want.

  • Let your images speak for themselves: Your clients will find your material to be "easy on the eyes" if you use pictures to express your tale. Choose the goods you wish to feature this season and present them to your audience. Give a little background on each and be sure you give clients a place to ask inquiries.

  • Design carefully: Avoid stuffing your email design with pointless options. Make it simple for consumers to browse through your emails and get the information they need.

  • Utilize connections wisely: Customers simply want to get where they're going over the holidays. That means employing links that go directly to the product, service, or event you are advertising when it comes to your marketing.

  • Create a compelling call to action: By incorporating a call to action that makes it simple to take the next step, you can assist your clients in making choices. A compelling call to action might be the difference between persuading people to click through to your website or connecting to an offer.

3. Personalize your promos

This holiday season, your consumers will be inundated with advertisements, but very few of them will be personalized.

By giving your company the personalized touch that clients are searching for, you may help it stand out from the Christmas avalanche. Simply adding "You" and "Your" or "I" and "We" to your article is one approach to do this. (For instance: "We have a new collection that your friends will adore.")

But it goes beyond that. It basically comes down to putting yourself in your consumers' shoes. What are they thinking about over the holidays? What issues can you assist them with? What can you do to help them out?

In your future email newsletter or on Facebook, consider providing useful Christmas recipes or articles. If you use Pinterest, create a "Holiday" board and post items that may not relate to what you offer but that your consumers would find useful.

4. Keep the conversation interesting.

The material your clients like the rest of the year still works throughout the Christmas season, which is a plus.

This implies that in order to get people enthusiastic about your holiday campaign, you don't necessarily need to provide a ludicrous discount or a huge prize.

These four suggestions can help you create interesting Christmas marketing.

  • Utilize images: On Facebook, engagement rates for photographs are greater than those for videos, texts, and posted links. Photos create BIG interaction. Share a photo with your friends and followers of your store or of your crew getting ready for the holidays.

  • Using video Do you own a smartphone? Quickly record a video to upload to Instagram. Videos are a fantastic way to connect your consumers this Christmas season, whether it's a product demonstration, customer testimonial, or just a glimpse behind the scenes.

  • Showcase evaluations: 93% of consumers examine internet reviews before making a purchase, according to one survey. Incorporate pertinent testimonials, comments, ratings, and quotations into your next email newsletter, or post a link to the Yelp page for your company on other social media.

  • Pose inquiries: Sometimes asking folks what's on their minds is all it takes to get them interested in your material. By asking questions, you demonstrate to your clients that you are interested in much more than simply closing a deal.

5. Make your advertisements shareable.

This year, use the influence of word-of-mouth marketing in your email newsletter and on social media to promote the holiday season and your holiday promotion.

Making shareable content is where it all begins. Your audience will adore this content to the point where they can't wait to share it with their friends.

In our marketing plan template, we've already listed some fantastic holiday marketing suggestions, like:

  • Bringing up your common beliefs with your audience

  • Giving anything extra

  • Involving your audience in social media campaigns and exclusive deals


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