Essentials of a Successful Paid Media Strategy in 2022

A paid media plan is similar to a recipe in that it must be followed exactly as written. You have the ability to adjust individual elements to your preferences, but omitting one essential ingredient may affect the entire output...

I'll go through the six crucial things you'll need in your paid media plan this year if you want to avoid failure in this piece. They are as follows:

1. Benchmarks should be reviewed and reset.

2. Create a strategy that prioritizes the first-party experience.

3. Keep up with the latest tracking technologies.

4. Experiment with more paid media platforms.

5. As a steward of automation, you can make a difference.

6. Learn how to create responsive search advertising.

If 2020 was the start of what feels like an eternity of "extraordinary times," and 2021 was the year of major upheavals, who knows what 2022 may bring. However, based on current marketing trends, we believe you'll require the following six essentials.

1. Re-evaluate and re-set benchmarks

Sure, reviewing benchmarks and setting goals on a regular basis is a good idea. But it's time to go beyond the routine research we undertake to track campaign performance and look at it from a global perspective.