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7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Service Business that are Boring

Are you having trouble coming up with new marketing ideas for your "boring" service company? Here are seven strategies to make your next campaign more exciting.

1. Make your content marketing more visual.

It may appear like businesses who offer attractive things are having all the fun since the takeover of visual social media like Instagram and Pinterest. However, there's no reason why less attractive businesses can't participate.

The secret to success for firms that don't naturally lend themselves to visual media is to think abstractly – and don't be afraid to break the rules. For example, a home décor-loving audience is likely to be interested in home remodeling services, so why not post photos of gorgeous interiors on your HVAC company's Instagram account?

Consider the advantages that customers get from using your service or the difficulties that your company helps to solve. Use pictures to call attention to this pain area, such as HVAC services, which may assist alleviate the effects of seasonal allergies.

2. Hold a social media contest.

Sweepstakes, quizzes, and picture competitions are all examples of social initiatives that may help your marketing go viral. Even the most mundane companies may increase engagement, attract traffic, and gain new followers and subscribers by giving an incentive.

There are internet tools that make managing and tracking social marketing simple for everyone. Visitors who share your contest with their friends might be rewarded, or contestants can be required to perform certain tasks, such as like your Facebook page.

3. Create local resources that are worth sharing.

By providing or supporting useful reference material for the local community, local service providers may build awareness and create leads.

Here are some examples of locally relevant content:

1. A restaurant guide for families with children

2. A schedule of live music performances

3. An interview with a well-known local figure

Promote your material on social media or through your e-newsletter, as a lead magnet, or in a local magazine or newspaper.

4. Teach something beneficial to your audience.

Tutorials and how-to information have always been popular on the Internet, and they offer a chance for service firms to flourish. Spend some time in forums or on Quora to find out what your potential clients need help with, or better yet, ask your followers what type of material they'd like to see. Use multimedia, such as YouTube videos, podcasts, or live webinars, to add depth to your courses.

5. Be inventive when it comes to your blog's content.

Coming up with blog material that potential consumers want to read is one of the most difficult marketing issues for service firms. Even the most specialist organizations will find themselves with an endless supply of blog subjects if they venture out into larger, tangentially related areas.

As an example, consider Dollar Shave Club. The company sells razor blade subscriptions on a monthly basis, but their site isn't only about shaving. Instead, they produce a wide mix of articles on lifestyle issues ranging from barbecue to drinking beer in the shower, which is frequently irreverent and always funny.

6. Create an enthusiast group.

Small companies and brands alike are flocking to major social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, which have made it simple for anybody to build their own specialty group. A successful organization can include as few as a few eager members as well as millions of members.

Do you operate a childcare facility? Create a group for parents in your community to share advice and information. Do you own a landscaping business? Consider forming a group of BBQ fans in your area who can share recipes.

An active community may help you deepen your current customer relationships while also connecting you with potential new ones. While your members may not require your services right now, you will be top of mind when the time comes.

7. Collaborate with other small businesses in the area.

To keep things interesting, it's sometimes necessary to adopt a different approach. Consider collaborating with a local company that provides complimentary products or services to your own. A local laundry, for example, may partner with a wedding planner to provide discounts on dry cleaning services.

A clever collaboration may lead to some quite intriguing possibilities.

Consider the following scenario:

· collaborating on an ebook

· Exclusive coupon codes are traded.

· Taking part in a podcast as a co-host

· Working together on blog content

You can develop more intriguing campaigns while broadening your reach and providing appealing value by forming smart alliances.

There's always a way to spice up your marketing, no matter how mundane you believe your company is — all it takes is the appropriate viewpoint.


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