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8 Insurance Agents' Must-Have Marketing Strategies

Growing your agency's company through marketing might be a difficult task, especially if you have no prior marketing expertise. We compiled a list of insurance agent marketing best practices and concepts.

1. Determine your objectives.

It is critical to sit down and identify your marketing goals before embarking on a marketing campaign. It's essential to make them SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time-bound) goals so that you can track your progress. Consider defining objectives in the areas of production, prospecting, sales production, cross-selling, and retention. Make a list of what you want to do, how you want to do it, and when you want to do it by. This will aid in the implementation of your new marketing concepts.

2. Set aside money for marketing.

The next stage is to create a marketing budget once you've determined your objectives. Set aside a certain amount of money for each marketing channel you want to use. Look back on what you spent the previous year to get a sense of your projections if you can. Are there any channels that performed poorly? Consider reducing the budget for existing channels in favor of newer or more profitable ones.

3. Establish Metrics for Tracking

It's critical to track each piece of business so you can see which marketing channels are effective. Keep note of how each new client learned about you by asking them how they heard about you. This will go a long way in assisting you.

4. Establish a Referral Program

Your best references are your customers. Make a reward for current clients who help spread the news about your firm. Provide a discount or gift card to your clients for bringing in new recommendations, and a discount or gift card to your referrals for choosing your firm. You may even print up marketing materials that explain the referral discount and offer them to clients to distribute to their friends and family. Share the show on social media and on your website. In your email signature, include a link to your referral program page. Allow your clientele to assist you with part of the job.

5. Promote positive online feedback

According to a BrightLocal survey, 88 percent of buyers read reviews to assess a local business's quality. To put it another way, nearly nine out of ten consumers have studied internet evaluations of your company before determining whether or not to trust you. This means it's critical for your firm to have positive online reviews on sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. You may do a lot of simple things to increase reviews. In your email signature, provide links to your agency's profiles, along with a request to submit a review. Make a notice at the office. As satisfied customers leave your office, mention it to them. Make a habit of reading reviews on a regular basis and responding to both positive and negative remarks.

6. Participate in the Community

Getting engaged in your local community is a terrific way to promote your business. It also demonstrates your commitment to the community. Consider supporting local non-profits, kids sports, or community activities. You might be able to attract new customers who want to support the league, event, or organization you're supporting!

7. Make use of social media

Social networking is the fastest way to connect with your consumers. There are several ways for your organization to benefit from social media. You may target people in your local neighborhood with social media advertisements for a relatively low cost. Anyone who checks in to your agency online can get a discount. You may join relevant LinkedIn groups and share your knowledge with others. All of these things will assist you in networking and increasing your company's exposure. Here's a link to an article we wrote on social media advice.

8. Conduct customer polls

Through online surveys, see how your agency is doing from your consumers. Request open-ended customer testimonials and use the content in your marketing materials. Inquire about suggestions about how your company might improve. To boost your response rate, consider giving a little reward, such as a gift card, for completing your survey.


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