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15 Inspirational Content Ideas for Your Social Media Accounts

In the future, when you're experiencing writer's block, you may turn to this list of interesting topics for social media posts.

You need to constantly come up with new ideas for social media content to keep your current followers engaged and to get new ones. However, producing high-quality content on a regular basis across various channels may be a daunting and time-consuming task.

That's why we're here to provide a hand. This content idea cheatsheet will help you maintain a cutting-edge social media strategy by providing you with proven content ideas for the most popular social networks. There will never be another blank content calendar to worry about.

1. Make a series that will be updated regularly

If you develop a good concept into a series, it may fuel the creation of even better material in the future.

Takeout Thursdays are a weekly feature in Vancouver magazine where the food editor has a relaxed Instagram Live chat with a local chef or culinary expert.

Having a set framework makes it much simpler to come up with a unique guest or subject to discuss each week, and regular viewers appreciate some predictability in their otherwise chaotic life.

2. Host a contest or give away.

It's a well-known fact that people like freebies.

Truth number two: if you need to cover a gap in your content schedule quickly, a giveaway is the perfect solution.

Just upload a picture of your product and some entry details as Fig. has done above, and your Wednesday afternoon Instagram update is complete.

3. Conduct an Ask Me Anything

Use a "ask me anything" live broadcast to appeal to the curiosity of your viewers.

You may make the AMA more focused by inviting questions on a particular theme, such as your most recent collection or entrepreneurship.

Some individuals like going live on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook to field questions from viewers. Others, like Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, use the Instagram Stories feature to host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on avian flu vaccinations by posting a series of Stories in which they use the Question stickers.

4. Perform a social media takeover

Handing over the keys to your social account to someone with passionate fans may bring your account more interaction, sales, and followers, whether you partner up with a giant influencer with a massive audience or a micro-influencer with a loyal following (like Everlane did with a LA-based photographer). Furthermore, it may save you a day or more of content preparation time. Score!

In this comprehensive tutorial, you'll learn all you need to know to take over a social media platform successfully.

5. Put up some pertinent material

The stuff you choose to post on social media is what is known as "curated content," or content that was developed by someone else. This may be anything from a helpful blog post from a firm in your industry to insightful guidance from a recognized thought leader in your profession.

In other words, if you find a fantastic article, pin, Tweet, or YouTube video that you know your audience would like, why not distribute it to them?

Using curated material may make your company seem current and like it's trying to foster relationships rather than simply promote itself.

Ashley Reese, a writer, often tweets snarky responses to retweets of posts by fellow author Megan Thee Stallion, who is known for her signature huge hat. You can do it, too!

6. Reuse what you already have.

Why not make some quotation visuals for Instagram to go along with that fantastic blog post? Or maybe you could get some ideas for a Facebook video and film something based on the material?

If you just post to one service, you're losing out on potential new followers who are active on other platforms.

No need to just cut-and-paste or share content from another source; instead, focus on finding new methods to communicate the same thing. The social media management platform Hootsuite produced a TikTok movie to briefly recap the results of a blog post on a social media experiment.

7. Create a competition

You don't have to go to the extremes of the dancing challenges or the food challenges that often become popular on the internet.

For example, Ruggable encouraged its audience to "create a mess" and share the resulting footage or photographs. These were combined into a film to show that the product holds up well in the wash and to thank the audience for their support.

8. Make a guide or a lesson.

Create a video teaching others from your area of expertise. By providing such useful information, you will get more followers and establish yourself as an authority in your sector (or at least gives you cred as an entertainer).

If your buddy is ever like, "Wait, I'm meant to clean my washing machine?!," you may point them in the direction of Go Clean Co's hypnotic cleaning guidelines as an excellent example and highly shareable resource.

9. Observe the "National Whatever Day"!

There are a gazillion offbeat celebrations to draw inspiration from.

During "International Dog Day," the Hootsuite social media team, for example, compiled a dog-themed highlight reel.

All of our fans are now aware that we have a good time and like canines.

10. Do a Meme.

A brand's sense of humor may be shown, or a message can be presented in a lighthearted manner, by taking part in the trendy meme forms.

Wendy's joined the trend of themed Spotify playlists when its customers began using song names to convey meaning. We'd definitely rock out to this.

11. Focus on your clientele.

Maintaining a regular customer-spotlight feature might be a great way to show what your followers and customers are up to. It's a great way to show off your wares without coming off as too promotional, plus it gives your supporters something to cheer about.

For instance, "What'd Ya Do With It?" contests have just begun at the Feathered Farmhouse home furnishings shop. series on Wednesdays!"

12. Gather opinions using the "This or That" format.

Our society is becoming more and more divided; why not take advantage of this fact by forcing your supporters to take a stand? Like Domino's did when they compared cheesy bread to bread bits in a recent blog post.

Possible outcomes include inciting a lively (and productive) discussion or gaining insight into consumer preferences. That's successful in any case.

13. Step outside the spotlight and into the backstage

Whether it's in real time or after the fact, the dirt on what's going on behind the scenes is always appreciated by an audience.

That's exactly what Billboard did with a film documenting the making of an issue featuring the Korean pop group BTS.

The presence of pop stars isn't necessary to generate an impact with this kind of material. Viewers like a genuine glimpse behind the polished final photographs that end up in the feed, so consider giving a tour of your office or showing how your window display is put together in a physical shop.

14. Commemorate a major achievement together.

After 40 years, is celebrating the release of High 'N' Dry with great enthusiasm. And we know you have something special to commemorate as well! Is it one year since you launched your company? A half-million of your devoted fans? To give yourself a pat on the back, look for a nice round number.

Whether you're planning a special live broadcast to celebrate the occasion or just want to commemorate the milestone with a picture or text post, you may use the occasion as a convenient pretext for sharing nostalgic content or serious introspection about your progress.

15. Whether it's a book or a song, pass it around.

The content of your media archive might reveal a lot about you or your company. So why not give your fans a taste of that?

Brand awareness may be increased and conversation started with a summer reading list, a Cozy Christmas soundtrack, or a list of must-watch series that your staff is enamored with.

These 15 topics should keep you busy for the next month's worth of content creation, but if you need additional ideas, you can always browse the rest of our blogs.

Once you have your content strategy in place, you can utilize a social media planner to schedule your social media updates, keep in touch with your audience, and evaluate your efforts.


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Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
Aug 31, 2023

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