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Making the Most out of Your Video Ads and Content

It should come as no surprise that video marketing is all the rage in the landscape of digital advertising. Some studies show that it is rising by about 81% each year, as it is accessible on platforms and apps that make viewing convenient and highly effective.

When approaching your own game plan for top tier video advertising and original content, adhere to the following tips so you can make the most of this incredible trend. After all, what good is investing in quality videos if they don’t help your bottom line?

Take notes on these—you’ll want to remember them!

Personalize your video content. You want to have an emotional appeal—not in a sappy way, of course, but facilitate entering the hearts and minds of your viewers. This means going beyond your typical demographics of male/female and age range, but taking it one step further and even curtailing your video content to passions and interests, what many might consider “sub groups.”

Get their attention right away. As with all good advertising, you want to ensure that you get a consumer’s attention right out of the gate. This means creating an evocative or eye-opening beginning that makes them look at their device and continue watching. Story telling is a great method to achieve this, as is the use of an influencer or celebrity.

Keep your video content relevant. At the end of the day, you want to make your videos seem like a bonus, a value-add, as opposed to a traditional commercial imploring someone to buy a product or service. The last thing you want is to bore a potential consumer or offend them. Strive to make your content and advertising through video relevant to today’s marketplace and interests so you can keep their attention and get them to take action!

Regardless of your video strategy, this important aspect of 21st century advertising is on the rise, so incorporating it into your strategy is vital for success!


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