10 Fantastic Strategies For Bringing In New Clients For Your Small Business

Was expanding your clientele on your list of goals for this year? Here are 10 tried-and-true suggestions to assist you in gaining more clients.

1. Provide exclusive deals and discounts to recent clients

Today's consumers are still searching for good bargains and value. Offer initial discounts, deals like buy two, get one free or free gift wrapping for the first three transactions to entice customers to your store. Deals like this can draw in new clients who were contemplating doing business with you but required a push to alter their purchasing patterns. Then keep tabs on their purchases and the promotions they took advantage of so you may more effectively target them in the future with messaging that will win their loyalty.

2. Request referrals

Once you've won a customer's loyalty, put it to use by requesting recommendations from them. One of the finest places to find new consumers is through your current clientele. But you can't just sit back and wait for them to invite their friends, family, and coworkers over. Take charge instead and develop a systemized strategy to aggressively seek out recommendations from your happy consumers.

Include actions that encourage referrals in your sales process. Make sure clients are satisfied with their purchases by sending follow-up emails, and then ask for recommendations in a subsequent email. If the sale price justifies it, think about providing incentives.

3. Contact former clients again

Recheck your contact list of old clients and reach out to those who haven't bought from you in a while. Choose clients you haven't visited in six months and establish a regular timetable to accomplish this (say, every three months). Send them a "We miss you" message and an incentive to return via phone, text, email, or direct mail, along with a bargain or promotion.

4. Network

Meeting new people and introducing yourself and your business to them is the best approach to increase brand recognition. Join your trade association, the chamber of commerce in your area, and networking groups. Observe Meetup gatherings. Even attending PTA meetings may be a beneficial networking opportunity for local company owners. Instead of asking yourself, "What's in it for me?," ask yourself, "How can I assist you?" when you network.

5. Make website updates

Consumers and B2B purchasers mostly use online searches to discover new firms. This implies that in order for people to find you, your website has to work really hard. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly as you review your search engine marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

Your website's design itself matters. Too many graphics might make your website load slowly, turning off visitors. Hire a website design business and/or SEO specialist if you don't have the necessary in-house experience.

6. Work with complementary companies

A clever strategy to gain new consumers without spending a fortune is to collaborate with companies who serve similar clientele but aren't directly competitors, and then plan how to promote to one another's clientele to generate new revenue. For instance, partnering with a company that offers maternity wear would be fantastic if you sell infant things.

7. Showcase your knowledge