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85 of the Top New Startup Concepts for 2022

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In the last two years, a large number of individuals have left traditional employment to pursue alternative options including freelancing, contracting, or creating their own businesses. It's safe to say that everyone has entertained the idea of leaving their job working for "The Man" at least a few times (a month?).

We dived in to uncover the most promising startup ventures for those of you who are ready to ditch the 9-to-5 rat race or who are just searching for a fresh challenge. What you'll find in this article is information on:

  • A list of the top 25 firms to launch in 2022.

  • Specifics and salary data

  • Here are 60 more fantastic microbusiness concepts to consider.

Our recommendations for the most promising new small enterprises for 2022

Since people's reasons for wanting to go into business for themselves vary widely, we looked for the most promising small company opportunities from four perspectives: predictability, profitability, simplicity of launch, and originality. Let's not waste time by going into detail about each, so instead we'll just tell you who won the prizes:

  • As a home-based venture, web development is optimal.

  • Childcare providers have the most reliable small businesses.

  • Event planning is the most lucrative small company.

  • Most Simple Local Enterprise: Notary Public

  • Travel agency wins award for most original small company

Home-based business plans and concepts

There is a lot of excitement lately about working remotely. If you can earn money without leaving your home, why would you do so? There will no longer be a need to go to and from work, to buy lunch, or to deal with annoying colleagues. We provide the most effective home-based business plans currently available.

1. The Childcare Industry

Parents who have made the shift to remote work are in great demand for childcare after being stranded at home with their children for months on end. What's even better? There is a market for in-home daycare providers, and it is possible for a stay-at-home parent to provide for their own children while also opening a business in this field.

Earnings average $29,000 per year.

2. Exercise routines are simulated by a virtual trainer.

There was a dramatic decline in gym membership during and after the epidemic, and social media influencers were able to capitalize by posting how-to videos including at-home workouts. Most people have realized that they can get their workout in without ever setting foot inside a gym. Moreover, the popularity of video fitness instructors has sparked a search for novel ways to become in shape. Which is to say, to put it more simply, that providing fitness instruction via the Internet, whether through websites like YouTube or Instagram or mobile apps like MindBody, is a very profitable endeavor.

Online trainers might earn anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 per year, depending on their price structure.

3. Creating websites

It takes time and money to get educated in web development. There are, however, a plethora of boot camps that may help you catch up. One of the nicest parts about working in web development is the sheer variety of niches available. You can specialize in developing anything from marketing sites to online stores to blogs to, well, whatever you can find on the web.

Start a company to handle websites instead of trying to become one if you're not interested in developing them yourself. The need for freelance web developers is great.

Pay for web developers is substantial, ranging from $60,000 to $150,000 annually based on experience, expertise, and location.

4. Administrative Support Executive

While the IT sector drives the economy's rapid expansion, many rising CEOs lack the basic skill of scheduling meetings (shots fired). However, if your boss is seeking for part-time assistance, you may take on more than one while still working from the comfort of your own home at a remote firm. Now you may say that you run a successful home company!

5. Doing Good in the World

It's far less daunting to launch a startup when you know you'll be doing net good for your neighborhood. It's not simple to launch a nonprofit organization, but if you plan on doing administrative tasks yourself, you can do it from afar. Go all out for a good cause that you care deeply about.

Ideas for a small company that never fail

In what ways do we define successful microbusinesses? By "evergreen" we imply companies whose products or services will always be in demand. My grandpa heard Hoover say that he would give a chicken to every family. Chicken is usually a popular food choice. Thus, he embarked upon a career in the poultry industry. These ideas for starting a small company won't have you picking at chickens.

6. Translator

The need for linguistic intermediaries is rising as the globe becomes ever more interconnected. Some of these tasks include literal translation, such as when interpreting emails, papers, and content; others are more service-oriented, such as when accompanying groups or corporate executives on overseas travels. In addition to being able to translate in a natural way, you'll also need a firm grasp of the language's grammar and syntax.

7. Tutor

It's safe to assume that if you're an adult and you've completed high school and/or college, you have something valuable to impart to younger generations. Test the waters as a teacher to see whether you have a knack for instructing. You may instruct numerous students at once, and you can switch between various subjects, such as SAT prep and basic Spanish. The time commitment is flexible and the demand for private tutors is significant even when working from home.

8. Nanny

People can't stop reproducing! A nanny service might be right for you if you like spending time with children, being creative, and providing them with healthy lunches. Depending on your availability, you may be able to find a nannying job that provides you with room and board, as well as other perks in exchange for your time and effort.

9. IT Consulting

This is the kind of small company that is constantly in demand among other small companies. Because of the great demand for people with IT knowledge and the ability to troubleshoot and repair systems, it's a good idea to set your shop online and begin accepting payments immediately.

Professionals in the IT industry may expect high pay rates regardless of the work arrangement.

10. Publisher of ads online

At this moment, it's as true as the color blue that digital marketing is a rapidly expanding field. It's a reality that companies that want to succeed need to devote resources to online marketing, but it's also true that small company owners who wear many hats sometimes lack the resources to learn about and adapt to the many online marketing platforms. You may establish a secondary hustle promoting local companies. Maybe you'll decide to start your own firm.

Thoughts for a small, successful company

If you can't guarantee a profit from your firm, then there's no use in starting it. We need to earn a living, and these low-investment businesses may help you do just that, so you can continue to enjoy the finer things in life like expensive holidays and a healthy bank account.

11. Handyman

A jack of all crafts and a master of none who is yet usually superior to an expert in any given field. I never knew how much I needed a handyman until I started working on a fixer-upper. Start your own handyman service if you enjoy fixing things and are good at it around the house.

Payment for a handyman can range from the low hundreds to the thousands, depending on the nature and duration of the project.

Producer of social gatherings

12. Producer of social gatherings

It's possible that this fits the bill of unusual but potentially stable small enterprises (despite the pandemic). Birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and holidays will always be celebrated, and people will always require assistance in planning them. Do you have impeccable organizational skills, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to corral a group of unpredictable people?

13. Transcriptionist

More and more people are watching videos every year, thus having access to a reliable transcription service is more crucial than ever. The week before last, I was actively looking for transcriptions. Now, I'm talking about everyday marketing video transcription, but if you want to work as a legal or court transcriptionist or in the medical field, you'll need qualifications, which aren't too expensive.

The median annual salary for a transcriptionist is $52,000.

14. Movers

Many people have been leaving cities and moving to the suburbs, and some have even moved back into cities, in recent years. Small moving businesses have reaped enormous profits from the current real estate market since no one enjoys relocating. Join the movement by launching a local moving company.

When moving long distance or out of state, movers are usually compensated by the task or by the hour.

15. Restoration of Historic Sites

We get it, this is probably something you've never heard of, and it probably only pertains to folks who happen to live in old neighborhoods. There is, nevertheless, a demand for specialists who can repair and replace historic building components, such as door knobs, bricks, and even window glass, in older structures. Actually, I just made an investment in 200-year-old bricks from my hometown to utilize in the home renovation project. Consequently, if you appreciate the allure of the past, you could find success with this company.

Ideas for a small business that are simple to implement

Are you in search of a low-maintenance means of supplemental income? Same. We've researched and identified the best low-entry-barrier-to-entry companies that are also likely to be enjoyable.

16. Services for Pets

Without underestimating the work involved, pet care may be the dream job. Pet sitting encompasses a wide range of activities, from walking dogs and cats to looking after poultry and horses. You get to pick and choose your jobs, set your own schedule, and even get paid to house sit occasionally.

Depending on the area and the quantity of dogs, pet sitting firms can make anywhere from $10 to $25 per hour.

17. Inspection for errors and improvement of quality

This is something about which I have much enthusiasm. Of course, editing and quality assurance (QA) work are distinct... albeit in a similar vein. A talent for writing and an eye for detail are also requirements for these positions. Proofreaders are always in demand because nobody has time to do their own, and you may pick up work on UpWork or any of the other freelance sites until your portfolio is complete and you're ready to start your own firm.

Professional proofreaders and quality assurance testers may earn up to $80,000 annually.

18. Notary

Have you ever needed to have a document notarized but didn't know where to go? Fortunately, I know a few entrepreneurs who also have a notary public on speed dial. The procedure of becoming a notary is not simple, but it also does not cost a lot of money. When you're done, you can provide full-time notarial services to local courts and companies.

The average annual salary of a notary might be anything from $20,000 to $52,000. If you have a credential that is in great demand, however, having the freedom to pick when you work might be invaluable.

19. Expert in managing short-term rentals

In the past, my parents used AirBnB to rent out a portion of their home. With no hotels in the area, they cashed in on grandparents visiting grandchildren and house-hunting families as well as business travelers in need of temporary lodging for consulting projects. Since it was too much labor for my mom to clean and sanitize after each Airbnb visitor, they eventually stopped doing it.

The moral of the tale is that property managers have been doing well and are doing even better as the number of rented homes continues to climb. Become a type of superintendent for local Airbnb and VRBO hosts by contacting them and offering your services.

Salary potential for property managers varies by location, with major cities offering the best pay.

20. Concierge shopper

Many aspiring designers fantasize of working in the fashion industry as personal shoppers. Envision being at a store where you can pick out the right piece of jewelry, outfit, or home decor without spending a dime. Most of this work can now be done online, thanks to the proliferation of e-commerce sites. Additionally, personal shoppers are well rewarded, typically bringing in around $60,000 annually in salary.

Original concepts for local enterprises

Looking to launch a microbusiness that allows you to put your imagination to work? Perhaps you spend your days in an office filled with excel sheets that leave you feeling mentally parched. I think it's great if people can make a living from their passions and hobbies. What follows are some novel suggestions for starting a small business.

21. Landscaper

I suppose I might have been a landscaper if I had embraced the plant-mom trend, but as it is, I find gardening to be one of the most unpleasant activities imaginable. However, landscaping might be a good fit if you're the sort that finds peace in tending to plants.

This is the kind of work that can be extremely rewarding and inspiring. You'll be able to make people happy by keeping their lawns, flowerbeds, and ponds looking pristine.

Landscapers might charge anything from $10/hour to $25/hour, or even more for larger projects.

22. Makes gift baskets

Have you ever gotten a package in the mail that was filled with personal items like food, wine, and gadgets? Since I've started working from home, I've been receiving regular gift boxes, and I've been enjoying them very much. And you can guarantee that I enjoy collaborating with those who put together gift sets, since they scour the globe in quest of the best possible selection. In the gift-kit business, you may simply have the customer pay in advance of your ordering and sending any goods.

23. Itinerary creator

That's the perfect job for me. Benefits for travel planners are plentiful, ranging from special pricing at hotels to insider knowledge from airlines and tour operators. Creating a niche for yourself in the travel planning industry, such as organizing vacations to South America or Iceland for retirees, may be the most ingenious of all possible side businesses. It's even better that this company may be managed from the comfort of one's own home...or from anyplace in the globe.

Earnings for travel agents generally range from $35,000 to $67,000 annually.

24. Influencer

I believe the world's trend-setters would disagree with those who say being an influencer is not a creative profession. Training to become an influencer in the modern era of social media is readily available online.

To be an influencer is to choose your own experience, complete with the highs and lows of public attention and financial stability.

Although you may not consider yourself an influencer, the very existence of influencers attests to the efficacy of social media marketing; thus, you should employ this strategy in whatever business you launch.

25. Dealer in used goods

NastyGal began her beginnings in the world of thrifting, modifying, and reselling antique products, and is now a genuine internet company. If you have a knack for finding hidden gems, you should visit your local goodwill, pick up some garments to resell, and sign up for an eBay account. With this imaginative enterprise, you may serve as your own employer while also assuming whatever creative role you choose, such as designer, brand, etc.

What is the best way to identify a viable business opportunity?

Successful companies are those that address a need in the market. If you want to create a small firm as opposed to a large corporation backed by investors, you should hunt for a market niche in which you are the undisputed leader.

It's normal to be unsure of your life's calling at this point. Attempting to solve every problem on the first day is an unrealistic expectation. It is intended that these thoughts remain in the conceptual stage. Make them your own by iterating on them, and we can't wait to see you flourish with our support.

Most promising local enterprises (again)

This is the final part of our discussion of the top small companies to launch. But that's not the end of the story! Read on for the explanation.

1. Childcare business

2. Fitness trainer

3. Web developer

4. Executive assistant

5. Nonprofit Work

6. Translator

7. Tutor

8. Nanny

9. IT consulting

10. Hospital janitorial agency

11. Handyman

12. Pet care

13. Proofreading/Quality Assurance

14. Landscaper

15. Gift kit creator

16. Travel planner

17. Influencer

18. Thrifting reseller

19. Notary

20. Short-term rental manager

21. Personal Shopper

22. Event planner

23. Transcriptionist

24. Movers

25. Antiquities Renovation

More brilliant concepts for new and existing small businesses

If you're looking to start a small business, the greatest one to go into is one that you're passionate about. Is that the goal, to function as a virtual employee? How to get money from your interest? Make a difference in the world by establishing a charity. Bring some excitement into your life? For your perusal, here are some more superb suggestions for new and existing small businesses.

Tips for Starting a Successful Home Business

If you're shy, reclusive, or otherwise unable to leave the house, consider one of these small-scale business opportunities you may run from home. do not wish to be compelled to leave your house.

1. Commercial daycare services

2. Personal trainer

3. Coordinator for High-Level Management in Web Development

4. Services in the fields of translation, tutoring, babysitting, and information technology consulting are all needed to run a successful

5. janitorial services for hospitals

6. Handyman

7. Services for Pets

8. Modifying and Quality Control

9. Landscaper

10. Maker of gift sets

11. Itinerary creator

12. Influencer

13. Re-seller who specializes in used goods

14. Notary

15. Expert in managing short-term rentals

16. Personalized shopper

17. Producer of social gatherings

18. Transcriptionist\sMovers\sAntiquities Renovation

Additional Exemplary Concepts for New Small Businesses

If you're looking to start a small business, the greatest one to go into is one that you're passionate about. Is that the goal, to function as a virtual employee? How to get money from your interest? Make a difference in the world by establishing a charity. Bring some excitement into your life? For your perusal, here are some more superb suggestions for new and existing small businesses.

Tips for Starting a Successful Home Business

If you're shy, reclusive, or otherwise unable to leave the house, consider one of these small-scale business opportunities you may run from home. Do not wish to be compelled to leave your house.

1. Publicist

2. Voiceover-er

3. Grant writing

4. Photographer

5. Accountant

6. Dropshipping store

7. On-demand printing

8. Social media manager

9. Online advertiser

10. Freelancer (write, code, design, video)

Small business concepts that never go out of style

More perennial demands exist, providing more fodder for possible micro- and small-scale enterprise concepts. We'll list simply five of them here:

The world is a gallery. You may express yourself in countless ways with these clever ideas for a small business.

1. Landscaper

2. Gift kit creator

3. Travel planner

4. Influencer

5. Thrifting reseller

6. Photographer

7. Baker

8. Professional organizer

9. Jewelry designer

10. Homemade natural beauty & cleaning products

Ideas for a lucrative small company

In addition to the five we've already mentioned, here are 10 more of the most promising small firms.

1. Resume writer

2. Pet care

3. Proofreading/quality assurance

4. Notary

5. Short-term rental manager

6. Personal shopper

7. Affiliate marketing

8. Jam seller

9. Data entry

10. Menu planning

Original concepts for local enterprises

Artwork may be seen in every corner. If you're looking for a way to express yourself, go no further than these inventive small business ideas!

1. Landscaper

2. Gift kit creator

3. Travel planner

4. Influencer

5. Thrifting reseller

6. Photographer

7. Baker

8. Professional organizer

9. Jewelry designer

10. Homemade natural beauty & cleaning products

Brilliant startup concepts

Lastly, here's a hodgepodge of intriguing local company concepts to pique your attention...

1. Hot air balloon operator

2. Home staging

3. Drone trainer

4. Christmas tree farmer

5. Online dating consultant

6. Tour guide

7. DJ

8. Herb farming

9. Mobile anything (pet grooming, hairstylist, bike repair)

10. Freelance bartender


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