The Creative & Practical Checklist for Choosing a Business Name

Did you realize that the United States has 33 million businesses? It's difficult enough to come up with a distinctive business name without adding in the fact that the name you choose might affect your company's success. Oh, and there's no going back after you've named it (unless you want to swim in paperwork and buy all new business cards and collateral).

There's a lot of pressure in this room, but don't be concerned. Because in this piece, I'll teach you how to come up with a business name you'll love, including not just creative ideas and brainstorming suggestions, but also the practical and legal measures to follow to ensure you get it correctly.

How to come up with a business name: suggestions for brainstorming

This is the fun part where you get the creative gears turning. Here are some tips, prompts, and ideas to help you get a fruitful business naming brainstorm.

1. Create a narrative outline.

Yes, I understand that this is a pain in the neck, but it is something that you must do. It doesn't need to be flawless—that isn't the purpose. This isn't meant to be read by anyone. It is up to you to write (or type). Because you'll be surprised at what comes out when you write about something instead of talking or thinking about it. Write about how you came up with your company concept, why you began or want to start it, what problems or opportunities emerged, and where you want it to go, depending on where you are in the process.

This will get your wheels moving and will also come in helpful when it comes to drafting your mission statement and about us page later on.

2. Conduct a self-assessment