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The 8 Most Powerful Tips for Brands on TikTok's How to Go Viral

Want to learn how to make a TikTok video go viral? These professional suggestions will strengthen your brand, and we'll go one further. Here are some tips for achieving long-lasting viral popularity.

Are you interested in finding out how to get popular on TikTok? You've arrived at the proper location.

In 2023, it won't be enough to produce TikTok content and wait for those KPIs to soar. To maximize your chances of viral success on TikTok and reach the ideal audiences to increase your campaign's return on investment, you must be aware of the finest advice.

Over 1 billion people currently use TikTok, and millennials and Generation Z make up most users (80%). With 69% of individuals, we questioned reporting they had an account and 34% indicating it is the "platform they spend the most time on," TikTok is undoubtedly the platform of choice for younger users. However, just because they are there does not guarantee that they will see your movie. How can you keep from being confused amid the din?

You must understand how to connect with your TikTok audience, take advantage of the TikTok algorithm, and produce content that really shifts the dial if you want to accomplish all your TikTok marketing objectives. We provide the essential advice to assist you in doing just that, allowing you to launch your material into the limelight.

A warning, however, before (hear us out). TikTok vitality isn't everything.

Our best advice on using TikTok in 2023 to get viral

Okay, so you want to increase your TikTok following. How do you accomplish it efficiently without using up all your funds for social media marketing? Fortunately, you don't have need to climb mountains to become a social media celebrity. Simply adhere to a few essential guidelines, keep attempting, and most importantly, comprehend TikTok itself.

The foundation of the social media network is the TikTok algorithm. Through a "FYP" (For You Page), where pertinent short films are shown depending on each TikToker's preferences, this user-friendly method promotes content to users.

So, how can it help you go viral? These effective tips will help you work with the algorithm to skyrocket your visibility.

1: Explore the TikTok content communities

Consider who your intended audience is. And by genuinely thinking about them, we mean it. What kind of media do they see on TikTok? This is the key to using the TikTok algorithm to increase your reach.

Finding your target audience on TikTok is not too difficult if you're new to the platform. TikTok enables discovery via content communities that may be found through hashtags.

You shouldn't post fast-fashion hauls if you're aiming to reach younger populations interested in sustainable fashion. But what do consumers of sustainable clothes like? For your response, look for appropriate hashtags like #sustainablefashion.

Participate in the well-known TikTok videos, content producers, and influencers you see. Examine the more specialized and regularly appearing trending hashtags, and keep an eye out for popular songs, voiceovers, and sound memes. These are utilized and shared differently within various content groups.

You may get a good indication of the kind of videos the community that produces the most relevant content for your company like by looking at the most popular material. This is crucial to do to influence your target audience and influence the TikTok algorithm.

The additional intelligent aspect of participating in the appropriate content communities? It assists in letting TikTok know where to display your own TikTok videos. Which means you're creating TikTok content that has been well studied and will be shared with people who are more likely to like it.

Naturally, this will raise your likelihood of achieving viral success.

To make the algorithm work for you, you must continuously publish video content that your target audience wants to watch. If it fails, don't panic; the TikTok algorithm won't 'punish' you and you'll have gained some helpful information about your audience.

2: Think about the 3-second rule.

The typical TikTok video lasts between 21 and 34 seconds, which is ideal for drawing in young viewers, the majority of whom like viewing quick mobile films (one minute or less) often. However, you need to think in even shorter time frames than this video length if you want to become popular on TikTok.

You should be aware of the 3-second rule, according to our team of professional paid advertising specialists, who will provide you the best piece of advice. Which is that?

A video is always placed on a user's 'For You' page as soon as it is shared on TikTok, but only for a brief time. By doing this, the platform will be able to determine if your film is interesting and relevant for viewers, and if it is, it will promote it to more people.

Watch time and completion rate are the main metrics that TikTok tracks in this instance. The algorithm will mark your 30-second video as dull or unimportant and won't promote it if viewers merely watch a little portion of it before scrolling to another one.

How then can you prevent this? You ensure that your video engrosses the viewer. The most crucial three seconds are the first three. TikTok offers a wide variety of video material and scrolling to the next video is simple. You must have an effect right away.

3. Keep it entertaining

Why do consumers return to TikTok so frequently? because it's enjoyable!

According to studies, TikTokers return to the site often because it "lifts their spirits". According to our own study, Gen Zers use Tiktok mostly "for entertainment." On TikTok, humor strikes particularly hard (in a good way). According to a staggering 87% of Gen Zers, according to our own study, TikTok is mostly used for comedy and humor.

Users often want to rewatch the videos because of the shock value of the laugh, which causes the TikTok algorithm to make them popular. This strategy is obviously effective since individual videos often get millions of views.

Another important pathway to entertainment? On TikTok, tutorials are very popular and come in a variety of formats. According to our own study, Gen Z users on TikTok often do so because "they teach me something new."

Surprises provide a third way. Tom Sweeney, Head of Creative Strategy at Brainlabs, discussed how we made Casio go viral on TikTok by defying narrative conventions and beginning in the "wrong" location during our most recent event, Fanbytes by Brainlabs. The film not only generated a lot of buzz, but it also generated a around $130.00 dollars when utilized as advertising.

The more time viewers spend watching your film, the better. The more TikTok will promote your post, the longer the average view duration and the greater the completion rate on your video. Therefore, if you're unsure of how to create a popular video, you should consider "what makes a compelling story?"

Start out with curiosity, engross your audience, and pay attention to the pace. More engagement is preferable since it shows TikTok that your material is interesting and that users want more of it.

4. Working together with influencers

Watchable influencers exist. In fact, utilizing artists in your TikTok advertisements may increase engagement by 93%. Why do they excel at what they do so well? They are aware of their audience and niche, and they have taken the effort to learn what their community values in high-quality material (remember from step 1?).

Among several other KPIs, working with influencers may help you achieve unheard-of reach. After all, if these content producers didn't understand how to connect with and draw sizable audiences, they wouldn't have succeeded as influencers.

Finding a creative who properly understands how to reach your target audience by selecting an influencer who closely resembles your brand's offering increases the likelihood that your video will go viral.

But beware—there's a catch.

Marketers must be careful while selecting their alliances. TikTokers are intelligent. They are 100% certain to call a company out when there is a mismatch between the influencer and the brand. You may say goodbye to any viral success if a creator doesn't share your ideals. This is an instant turn-off.

Research is the best approach to prevent this. The success of your campaign depends on selecting the ideal creative. For assistance, see our post on How to Find TikTok Influencers. You're in luck if you want to chop it short.

5. Take advantage of trends

TikTok is now the internet's ground zero for trends, and trends may be quite influential. They provide a chance for your content to start or contribute to an unstoppable chain reaction where awareness spreads and grows.

TikTok has enabled both producing and consuming social media videos quicker and simpler than before. A sizeable percentage (83%) of TikTok's astronomically large user base has uploaded their own films. TikTok is the perfect platform for these user-generated content-driven snowball effects because of this.

Trends may be seen by marketers in two different ways:


  • Consider leaping atop them first. Knowing what is popular right now and, more importantly, the trends your audience is interested in learning about is necessary to achieve this.

  • Finding these patterns ought to be simpler if you've already completed step one. See what your FYP says. Note any recurring concepts, sounds, or imaginative stories. These are crucial pieces of advice if you want to become viral. Then, it's time to add your own twist to it while remaining true to your brand message and taking advantage of the trend's expansion for your own gain.

  • What is the most straightforward approach to learn about current trends? To be informed every week, subscribe to our TikTok Trends Newsletter.


  • The second option is to instigate the trend. Consider how you may create your own trend based on some of the most popular TikTok trends to increase UGC and the impact of your work.

  • Utilizing popular sounds is another strategy for expanding your audience. Additionally, current audio memes are a growing field and provide a ton of chances to become viral, particularly because the majority lack the challenge of music licensing. More information on using sound memes to gain popularity on TikTok can be found here.

  • Going viral may also be facilitated through hashtag challenges and trending hashtags. only if you choose the appropriate ones.

6. Become your niche's "Poster Boy"

Finding a specialty and acting as their "poster boy" is one of the best ways we've seen artists and companies go viral on TikTok.

Finding a trend on TikTok is a good place to start, but you also need to stand out from the other films doing the same thing if you want your video to become viral.

That seems illogical, don't you think? But heed our warning: if you want to capitalize on trends, you should duplicate material with like videos. However, to become popular, you must co-opt the fad to express something unique and worthwhile about yourself. You must assume responsibility.

As their followers imitated new official sound (and boosting streams), this served to revive the TikTok movement and give it a fresh direction. You can read our case study here to learn more about this project.

Finding something you can own, whether it be an item, a song, a talent, or a point of view, and turning it into a series or TikTok playlist will keep people coming back.

7. Make sure your profile can be found on TikTok.

Although TikTok isn't a search engine in the traditional sense, it's becoming into one with its user-friendly recommendations. It has earned the moniker "the new Google" by being the primary place Gen Zers go when they are seeking information.

However, TikTok Search also works a little bit differently from a typical Google search, and Gen Zers are utilizing it in interesting and novel ways.

Imagine someone searching for discussions on "Vegan Beauty." You'll probably get a wide range of items and targeted results on the issue if you enter that into Google. However, if you look up this on TikTok, you may see comments about it.

And the TikTok search engine is generating new search habits and, therefore, new methods to become viral in other ways as well. TikTok Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will inevitably advance as TikTok search does as well.

Additionally, hashtags may be helpful since they enhance your TikTok SEO and tell the algorithm where to post your content.

8. Become involved, particularly in the comments

The TikTok comments area is influential. 77% of TikTok users worldwide claim to have viewed the comments on posts and videos on the app. This segment, which has the potential to become viral on its own, is another one where TikTok is enhancing its search engine functionality.

Millions of people are simply waiting to sign up and interact with this. They will see your brand more favorably if you leave a remark, and the TikTok algorithm will reward you for it. Why not utilize it then?

Responding to user comments on your videos may also help you promote user-generated content (UGC) and even provide ideas for new material, which will keep interested visitors coming back.

Take a cue from TikTok influencers: these artists often respond to comments with fresh videos, which keeps them in touch with their viewers and encourages them to provide more imaginative material that they are certain will be well-received. Brands may act similarly. The appeal of this is that, when you make a new video from the comments area, you are also include any additional users that happen to stumble into your material together with the initial viewers of the first video.

The sheer genius of this? You keep the audience interested. More people will look for your material because they want to view it, which increases the likelihood that the TikTok algorithm will make it become viral.

The goal shouldn't be to get viral

It's just the start. Understanding TikTok is necessary to get viral there. But is TikTok really a place to promote your brand? Understanding your TikTok audience is necessary for this.

There is a distinction between your personal follower community (users who are really following you) and content communities (users who monitor certain subjects on TikTok). Once you've begun luring individuals to follow your brand, it's critical that you develop a genuine connection with them. This is how you make viral films that inspire long-lasting brand loyalty.

What is fantastic? You are in fact rewarded for doing this by TikTok's algorithm. On TikTok, cultivating your fan base may help you become a successful viral sensation.

What outcomes are you hoping for? Get in contact with us to learn how we can make your brand a TikTok viral hit and how you can develop a plan that consistently produces results.

If you want some more juicy insights on how to create viral content, make the latest trends work for you, or pro tips for maximizing your brands’ social network presence, reach out to us today.


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