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How to Create a Workplace Culture with Freelancers in a Global Environment

The world has changed a lot since COVID-19, the business world especially. Two big changes have been the rise of remote work and the rise of freelancers vs. full-time employees. For entrepreneurs especially, these changes have a lot of benefits. Eliminating/reducing overhead by working from home versus renting an office space is a huge help to the bottom line, as is utilizing contract workers who tend to cost less than full-time employees in salary, benefits, and more.

Despite these significant advantages for business owners, developing a corporate culture may be difficult with remote and contract employees. How therefore can you benefit from the new normal while maintaining a strong, welcoming workplace culture?

Become an expert at onboarding. Contractor onboarding procedures should be as rigorous as normal employee onboarding procedures, if not more so. Since contractors do not often benefit from being part of the corporate culture, clarity, structure, and consistency are crucial.

When feasible, include them in the same conferences and discussions as full-time workers. This will not only increase inclusivity but also convey to them your belief that their commitment to the company's success and loyalty are on par with that of full-time employees.

Clarify to whom each of your contractors’ reports. It may be simple for contractors to report to one person while receiving daily instructions from another when there are so many things going on. Get as explicit as possible about the chain of command since this may easily make things confusing. You want higher-ups to make it simpler, not harder, for independent contractors to execute their jobs.

Invite independent contractors to corporate events! Particularly lonely have been the last couple of years, especially for independent contractors. Invite your freelancers if you're having a celebration of a win, a special occasion, or simply a get-together in the office! They are not only important contributors but feeling included within the company's festivities will increase loyalty.

Give people access to communication technologies that empower and connect rather than divide. You'll need to sort this out regardless whether your business has a mixed in-person/remote strategy, but your freelancers will gain the most. Find out what will keep your freelancers connected and productive by researching communication tools. There are several possibilities, including Asana, Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet!

Establish your values clearly. Whoever is working for your business, representing your firm, or otherwise having an influence daily, regardless of employment position, should be fully aware of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Keep in mind that objectives and values are not necessarily the same.

Goals are what you want to accomplish; values are the principles you wish to follow. Spend some time outlining your values for yourself if you're having problems expressing them. You must be clear on this standard if you want to hold both employees and independent contractors to it.


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