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Guidelines for Facebook Friending in the Workplace

There are many more cons than pros as to whether you should friend a coworker or boss on Facebook, however the longer you are with a company the greater the likelihood you will develop relationships outside work. It’s bound to happen over time and is natural. So if you’ve been at a company for years and are unlikely wanting to be leaving anytime soon here are some questions to ask yourself and a guide to help you decide about your workplace friending.

  • Do you really LIKE this person?

  • Is this person prone to gossip in the workplace?

  • Do you share common interests and views?

  • How much time have you spent with this person outside the workplace (a few casual drinks, lunch or dinner or have you been invited to their home for celebrations many times over the years?)

  • How comfortable were you with them in a social setting, were there any red flags?

  • Does your work culture encourage teams to socialize and foster that type of relationship?

  • Check out 10-20 of your recent posts and likes and be sure there is nothing you would feel uncomfortable with a boss or coworker reading. If there are any that you are unsure about, don’t add coworkers to your friends list, keep them strictly on other platforms like Linkedin.


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