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How to Completely Optimize Your Google Business Profile Listing

Utilize this tutorial to enhance your Google Business Profile (GBP) so that it will appear more prominently on relevant searches made by motivated clients in your area.

A free tool from Google called Google Company Profile aids business owners in managing their online presence across the search engine and an increasing number of its services, such as Google Maps.

Experienced SEO experts employ Google Business Profiles to benefit from a location-based approach.

The first step to success in local search is to create a Google Business Profile.

And with good cause.

The most effective currency for companies looking to gain local visibility is GBP.

The importance of a GBP is highlighted by a tool like Google's Local Search for both new and existing companies.

Basics of Google Business Profiles

It provides a list of local companies with information needed to locate a particular business like:

  • Address

  • Business Hours

  • Category

  • Reviews

Screenshot from search for [taco restaurants near me]. Google, August 2022

Verified Google Business Profile data is also utilized by Google's Knowledge Graph.

It contributes to the creation of information for its database regarding companies and associated entities that is pertinent to certain queries.

A Google Maps location is produced once a new profile is established.

That syncs with standard Google Search to make it simpler to access and conduct searches.

The fact that Google accounts for a whopping 90% of all organic searches worldwide is undoubtedly beneficial.

It demonstrates the worth of the GBP as well as the value of local SEO.

Use this tutorial to make sure you've accurately filled out your Google Business Profile and utilized every feature available.

This will also provide your company the most advantage on Google and other third-party services that produce location data for consumers using the Google Maps API.

There are some fundamentals to understand if digital marketing is a relatively new effort for you and your company.

It's also beneficial to comprehend Google Business Profiles and the benefits they provide.

Yes, Google Business Profile is free to use, to start.

A GBP does not take the position of your company's website, either.

In addition to a brand's current website(s), Google Business Profiles provide it a public identification and presence with a profile on Google.

Google Search and Google Maps may display the details submitted about a business through Google Business Profiles.

Regardless of the type of search device being used, Google Business Profiles will be displayed on any third-party platform using the Google Maps API.

It's likely that your company is already listed on Google Business Profiles if you've previously utilized certain Google technologies to complement your business (such as Google+), or if you've had a business for a long.

Previously, the greatest tools for managing your business information were Google My Business, Google Places for Business, and the Google+ Pages Dashboard.

These have been automatically updated to Google Business Profiles, its all-purpose platform.

Establishing Your Google Business Profile

In order to get started with creating a Google Business Profile, you need first do a search to make sure your company doesn't already have one.

The built-in Google search function on GBP may also be used to find your company.

There's a good chance that your company already has a GBP if it's been operating for a while (many years or more).

After a successful claim, you'll have the same access to the GBP's data as if it were your own.

It will alert you if your company has previously been profiled.

If you get a message saying that someone else has claimed your company, you may contact Google for help.

Your company profile can be produced in a short amount of time if one has not already been made.

The verification process is slightly more time-consuming, but it is often finished within a week.

Enter the legal name of the company first, followed by any other pertinent details. Following that, select the primary business classification that best describes your company.

Though this is a fluid section, it is essential to finishing (and improving) your brand page.

The success of your company depends on your selection of the most appropriate category.

Numerous options exist, but there must to be one that perfectly captures the essence of what you do.

A prompt will appear asking whether you'd want to "add a place clients may visit, such a store or office?"

This is helpful knowledge because many companies function as service areas that don't require or welcome in-person clients.

In such cases, Google Maps will obscure the precise location of the company.

The company's presence will still be maintained in pertinent local searches within its service region.

If your company provides services just inside a certain region and you don't want your physical location displayed in Maps, you may hide it by choosing the appropriate service area(s).

The company's contact details, such as a phone number and current website address, can then be added.

Next, include the physical location address if it is a brick-and-mortar establishment with regular business hours.

Following the completion of the address section, Google Business Profile will inquire whether or not you "also service consumers outside this location."

You can specify the areas and distances within which the company will make deliveries.

If so, you'll have access to the same information on the companies that provide that service.

Information about your service areas is flexible and can be expanded or altered at any moment.

You can skip the following step asking for contact information if you only serve local consumers by selecting No.

After that, you can then click Next to verify the profile.

How to Get Your Google Business Profile Verified

Your Google My Business page has to be confirmed.

It may take up to five business days for the postcard to arrive.

This demonstrates to Google that you are capable of running a business and are authorized to speak on its behalf.

Verifying your company is essential to the profile's success.

You should realize that until Google verifies your business, neither it nor any changes you make to it will be visible to users.

Back-end resources like page analytics and insights are also inaccessible without authentication.

The average time required for verification is less than a week.

You will get a postcard with a verification number from Google, which you must enter into your profile before it will go live.

After you verify your business, you'll be able to fill out the rest of the profile by adding things like hours, messaging options, a description, and images.

Putting Your Google My Business Page Online

The next step will lead you to Google's Business Profile Manager, where you can make changes to your company's information.

Listed below are some simple yet essential suggestions for improving your profile:

1. To begin, please fill out your profile in its entirety.

Relevance is given priority in local search results.

It will be simpler to find and recommend businesses who provide the most comprehensive and correct information.

Don't make them wonder or speculate.

Make sure your profile describes your company's offerings, provides relevant contact information, and explains how to access your services.

2. Make sure to use relevant keywords in your description

Google, like more conventional methods of website SEO, takes into account a number of factors when delivering search results.

Since your GBP already has a direct link to your company website, optimizing it with relevant keywords and phrases can yield even better results.

Put them to use in your company's description and every time you make a Local Post.

3. Maintain Honest Business Hours

Not only should you list your company hours, but you should also make sure to update them if they shift.

Google's business hours might be adjusted for holidays and other special occasions.

Maintaining a user-friendly and accurate website requires constant updates.

GBP has always been flexible in its hours and messages, but in the age of COVID-19, it is much more so.

If you haven't already established normal business hours, doing so will delay the appearance of the extra hours.

4. Incorporate Images

More so than most business owners and marketers probably think, photos improve the success of business profiles.

Google claims that companies whose profiles include photographs get 42% more inquiries for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more click-throughs to their websites.

Below, you'll find further advice on how to take pictures with British pounds.

5. Taking Care of Reviews and Communicating With Clients

Responding to client reviews shows that you care about what they think of your company.

Customers' perceptions of your company will improve if they read good evaluations online.

They also boost your company's profile on major search engines.

Make it easy for clients to share their opinions by providing a direct link to a review section of your website.

6. Encourage patrons to contact you through email

Unfortunately, the only way to see client communications is via downloading the Google Business Profile app.

To activate this feature, go to the app's Customers menu, then hit Messages, and then tap Turn on.

When this feature is on, customers may contact companies directly from their Business Profiles by clicking the Message button.

Automatic greetings for receiving messages from consumers may be tailored to each individual user's preferences.

This improves the company's responsiveness and visibility by reducing the negative impact on response times.

Maintaining a message response time of less than 24 hours is crucial for optimal GBP performance and transparency.

The speedier option is preferable, though.

Customers hate waiting around for responses, and a prompt reply may frequently make or break sales.

7. Rely on Community Noticeboards

They are portable, allowing you to send them from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

Companies can have a say in how the Knowledge Panel is divided up by providing direct input on their operations and the employees that represent them.

To get the most out of Local Posts, Google suggests following these guidelines: Always ensure that your posts are of good quality, with no typos, broken characters, nonsense, or irrelevant content.

And they ought to be cordial and edifying.

In order to be included among the greatest postings, the links included must always lead to reputable resources.

Malicious, infected, phishing, or pornographic links are not permitted.

Businesses that deal in regulated goods and services are permitted to utilize postings, but they are prohibited from directly promoting such items.

Common examples of such sectors are:

  • Services for Adults

  • Tobacco and Alcohol

  • Pharmaceutical products and recreational drugs

  • Medical and health devices

  • Gambling services

  • Weapons

  • Fireworks

  • Financial services

Given that Google may index these comments, it's best to keep the tone clean.

8. Connect Throughout the COVID-19 Season

There have been several unexpected events this year. The most significant is without a doubt COVID-19 and all the chaos it has brought about and still brings about.

Companies may modify their GBP profiles to reflect any changes in policy necessitated by COVID-19 regulations, mandates, or safety recommendations, ensuring that consumers have access to the most up-to-date information possible.

New functionalities streamline interactions with existing and new clients throughout the epidemic.

A company can, in addition to setting its own operating hours and creating its own Local Posts:

  • Mark shop temporarily closed.

  • Control the means of distribution.

  • Include safeguards for health and safety.

9. Make the Most of the Unique Features

There are newer tools on GBP that make it possible to spotlight businesses that are owned and operated by women and people of color.

These also make room for additional amenities like patio chairs and the like.

Additional features may be accessible if the company is involved in healthcare, such as:

  • Please let your clientele know whether your company provides any sort of online support.

  • Give your consumers a simple way to arrange for and get online medical attention.

  • Verify and update your gender.

Depending on the principal category your listing falls under, several options will be made accessible to you. Discover the ins and outs of characteristics here.

10. Make Full Use Of The Product Catalog

Merchants that have wares to promote may do so with the help of GBP's Product Editor.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (and some industry specializations) are welcome to exhibit their wares.

Businesses on a larger scale should make advantage of Local Inventory Ads to promote their wares.

Customers can better engage with businesses if they have access to product information such as price, descriptions, and images.

Google can learn more about a company and its products using this information.

Visual Content for Google My Business Pages

The logo is the single most essential visual element of a GBP.

There is unlikely to be a picture with more visibility or influence.

A square version of your company logo is recommended by Google so that clients may easily recognize it.

If you want to diversify your GBP more, consider purchasing the following sorts of digital assets:

Brand Page Cover Image

Your brand page cover image should reflect your company's values and culture.

When it comes to business profiles, the cover photo is the huge image that appears at the very top, and it is always cropped to a 16:9 ratio.

Images from Within

As a result, shoppers get a clearer picture of what to expect when they visit a store.

It enables enterprise owners to publish the ambience of their company's workplace, so dress to impress!

It also gives potential clients a visual concept of the store's layout and whatever restrictions there may be.


One of the most widely consumed types of content on the internet is video.

The reason for this is that they are fantastic in conveying information and telling stories that would otherwise be difficult to convey.

Additional Photographs

Other types of images may be utilized to highlight aspects of your business that are important to clients when making a purchase.

The type of business you run will determine how these images compare to the previously described rich media.

It's possible that these images will also contain more generic ones that provide a high-level overview of the company and the services it offers.

The following are examples of what they could be:

  • Services and/or products that your company provides.

  • Businesspeople engaged in conducting business or servicing clients.

  • Parking and the building's curb appeal.

Images should adhere to Google's recommendations:

  • File types: JPEG or PNG.

  • Between 10 kilobytes to 5 megabytes in size.

  • The bare minimum for image size is 720 pixels in both height and width.

  • The high-quality shot will be in-focus, well-lit, and unaltered or overly-filtered. The picture needs to be accurate.

To further boost the profile's brand awareness, Google now provides the option of a Virtual Tour.

And because it provides customers with an immersive, interactive tour of the establishment, it can help bring in new customers.

Keeping an Eye on the Analytics of Your Google Business Profile

Google's analytical data for Google Business Profiles has come a long way in recent years.

Insights is Google's new tool for helping companies learn about customer behavior on company profiles.

  • The procedures via which potential clients locate your profile.

  • Locates on Google that bring in new customers.

  • Consumer behavior.

  • Questioning where to go.

  • Conversations through telephone.

How Potential Clients Can Locate Your Profile

The "Direct" search (where the consumer types in your business's name or location) vs. the "Discovery" search (where the customer types in a keyword) is broken down in this area of Insights (they searched for a category, product, or service that you offer, and your profile appeared).

In reports of aggregated insights, these parts are labeled as follows:

  • Whole bunch of looking.

  • Focused inquiries.

  • Looks for new things.

When people search for your business on Google

Here, you can see how many people stumbled onto your business using Google Search or Google Maps.

You may check how many people saw your profile from any product, not only Search and Maps, and for the time period you specify.

Google says that "views" are equivalent to "impressions" on other analytics services.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a certain day's worth of the graph will reveal how many people discovered you through a given channel on that specific product.

In reports including comprehensive insights, these subsections are labeled as follows:

  • Total views.

  • Map views.

  • Search views.

Responses From Customers

Customers' actions after clicking on your Google profile are detailed here.

The sum of all actions taken by consumers on your profile includes every one of the following:

  • Visit your website.

  • Request directors.

  • View photos.

  • Call you.

There are reports for the following categories of identifiers in this section:

  • Total actions.

  • Website actions.

  • Directions actions.

  • Phone call actions.

  • Direction requests.

Users who have asked for driving directions to your establishment will be pinpointed on a map in this section of Insights.

On this map, your company's location is labeled, and the points of origin from which you receive the most requests for directions are highlighted.

The overall number of queries for directions is also broken out geographically.

Communication by Telephone

Information about calls made to your company via your Google My Business page are displayed here.

The total number of calls received within the specified time range is displayed in the "Total calls" column at the top of the page.

The graph allows you to examine call patterns across the week or at specific times.

Insights like this are invaluable to company owners and marketers who want to maximize their return on investment from GBP advertising.


Finally, GBP's Photo views graph and Photo quantity graph provide insight into how often your company's images are seen.

The graphs also include lines that show how your company's picture data compares to those of other companies in your industry.

One section of this study contains aggregate data and insights for:

  • All photographs are the property of the owner.

  • Photos taken by the owner.

  • Photographs from all of our satisfied clients.

  • Pictures taken by customers.


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