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How To Create an Editorial Calendar in Google Calendar

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

You have a lot of ideas to post on social media… scratch that. You have a TON of content in your head. But you have to put it somewhere, right? How do you organize those ideas or thoughts? How do you manage all that great content that you’re ready to share with the world?

First, it’s important to put it somewhere to keep it organized. Think calendar…

You can use many different types of calendars. I’ve seen them on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, but this blog will talk about how easy it is to use Google Calendar to make your content your life easier. (If you don’t use Google Calendar, I suggest you download. Google has a TON of features that you can link to segway to any application you’re currently using. Hey, we want to make like easier, right?)

HubSpot has a great free template that you can use to set up your Google calendar. You can find and download the template for free HERE.

You’ll have to fill out a little information to get HubSpot’s template – but it’s worth it! (Less work.)

Once you customize your template, you’ll want to prepare for import into Google Calendar.

When you’re done preparing, open Google Calendar.

Go to the left-hand dropdown menu to create a new calendar.

Fill out the details of your new calendar.

Import your XLS or CSV file from the same dropdown menu.

Go to which calendar you’d like to select and click IMPORT.

From there, you’ll want to choose your publishing schedule. If you’ve used Google Calendar before – or not – it’s pretty simple to use their “Recurring Events” schedule.

Once you’re done filling out all your publishing slots, you can breathe a little. Writing and planning content isn’t easy – so give yourself a pat on the back and an “attaboy”.

If you have others on your team, you can easily share your calendar with other team members.

Using Google Calendar is only one way of planning and sharing your marketing content. Be sure to explore and use whatever works for you. At the end of the day – be consistent and keep it simple.


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