Creating a Facebook Group: Why You Should & How To

Chances are if you’re reading this, you belong to a Facebook group. It could be a group for business owners, women’s causes, or French bulldog owners… hey, no judge! But by now you should realize how valuable groups are. Many companies have taken advantage of groups – where they can connect their users and create a space where people can share a common interest.

So what’s the difference between a Facebook Page and Facebook Group?

A Facebook Group is a space on social media where people can connect with others to talk about similar interests and topics. It’s a great place to discuss different services or products.

A Facebook Page is a great place to promote your business, art, organization or non-profit. When someone likes your page or follows, they can start seeing updates and notifications in their news feed.

Should you create a Facebook group for your business?

Ask yourself if you want to connect with your customers – like really connect. A Facebook group is a great way to facilitate a sense of community around your brand – to showcase and become a thought leader in your industry.

When is it not such a great idea?

If you want to raise awareness about your services or products – or to use it for announcements from your business.

Ok, so why should someone join a Facebook group?

People want to join a group to have a sense of belonging, plus connect with others with similar interests. They can find a lot of value and resources during their time in the group.

How do you create a Facebook group?

To create a Facebook group, on your business homepage, click the PLUS sign on the top right-hand side.

Scroll down and click GROUP.

You’ll then have an option to choose a Group Name, followed by if you want your group to be PUBLIC or PRIVATE. You’ll have the option to invite friends if you’d like. Once you decide, click CREATE.

If you want to change the Facebook Group cover photo, click in the bottom-right corner to change.

Facebook will help you to finish setting up your group with different steps. You’ll see options to INVITE MEMBERS, ADD DESCRIPTION and CREATE POST. Once you’re done, you’re ready to go!

Inviting Members

What’s the point of having a group without any members? To invite friends, go toward the right-side of the page. You’ll see a blue button INVITE – click it.

You can either CLICK the box to the right of a name, or type in the search bar the name or email of a friend to invite.