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Build Your Stunning Services & Pricing Guide

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Are you a service-based business owner? How confident are you in your pricing and services when a potential client inquiries about your business? Introducing the “Services & Pricing Guide” (and why every service industry should have one.) Think of it as a handy brochure that you can use to make a stunning first impression.

Having your own Guide can achieve a few things: better discovery calls, better confidence, and better first impressions.

Your Guide will allow you to focus on the majority of your discovery calls by paying attention to their needs and goals. Since it may be hard to talk about how wonderful you and your business are, this Guide can do all the talking. You can showcase your work, problem and outcome stories, and add client testimonials along with it. By having this Guide created and ready to go, all you’ll have to do is email immediately after your discovery call. Your potential client will know exactly what to expect and feel more confident moving forward.

Here are some tips on what to include on your Services and Pricing Guide.

Introduction & Your Story

This is the part where you introduce yourself. Tell your story, values, and mission. Add credentials and anything else that may be important to your potential client.

Signature Service

You may offer a lot of different services, but focus on your bread and butter that would benefit your potential client.


State what your client will receive, gain, or achieve after.

Previous Work

Showcase your previous work or portfolio. Make sure it’s focused around the same type of work that your potential client is looking for.

Client Testimonials

Go on, you deserve it! Share those testimonials from your happy and satisfied clients.

Your Process

Outline and list what your process is so your potential client knows what to expect while working with you.


Include FAQs about how you work and address any issues or questions they might have.

Other Services

If your potential client is looking for a particular service, you may have another service or package that would fit with their needs. It’s optional to include this.

Call To Action

By this point, your potential client should be impressed! Invite them to take the next step, whether it’s booking your service – or schedule a follow-up call.

Creating or improving your Services & Pricing Guide may seem like a ton of work, but trust me, it’s well worth it in the end. You’ll save time at the end of each discovery call and have something magnificent to show your potential client.

Need help coming up with a process? View our contact information below to see how we can help you get started.


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Westport, CT and Red Bank, NJ. We service businesses with marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media and consultations.

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