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Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are busy people and without a doubt, they have a lot on their minds. Often times, running a business—or more than one business—can feel like you’re an octopus with multiple hands, putting out fires to your left and answering important calls to your right. At the same time, entrepreneurs can become easily distracted and encounter roadblocks when it comes to getting the work they need to get done.

As a means to combat that dreaded feeling of unproductivity, let’s take a deep dive into some valuable tips to keep you motivated, working—and yes, focused.

Make a commitment one way or the other. So this relates to that common feeling of escalating back and forth between “yes” and “no” when being approached with an idea or responsibility. Often times we’re accustomed to saying “maybe” and waste time on something that isn’t worth our time and ultimately right for us. Learn to say yes or no to requests right away, trusting your gut instinct so you can make the most of your time and energy.

Write down your top three priorities for the day. This is best done when you wake up in the morning when your head is clear and your objectives are strong. Limit yourself to three goals and try to accomplish at least one before lunchtime. This will help you prioritize your time and not get sidetracked performing tasks that are not necessary or top of mind for a particular day.

Cut your meetings in half. As we all know, meetings can go on and on—for hours, even, when they were intended for only 20 minutes. Aim to block out a chunk of time for meetings and cut the projected length of them in half; that way, if you go over, it’s not double and triple the amount of time you would initially put aside.

All in all, remember that while time is money, it’s also energy. You only have so many hours in a day and only so much energy in your body to do what you need to do. By following these tips, hopefully you can make the most of the hours left in a day and make great strides towards not only being productive, but satisfied with your time well spent.


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