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Are You Effective or Simply Busy?

You're occupied. You put forth a lot of effort. But how productive are you? No, they are not equivalent, and even if you are a productivity rockstar, there is always opportunity for improvement! Let's investigate how:

Stop making multitasking look cool. Even while multitasking makes you feel more productive, studies have shown that doing more than one item at a time reduces the quality of your work and makes it take longer to complete tasks. When trying to increase productivity, it is best to do one item at a time.

Observe deadlines (even the ones you set for yourself). While it's beneficial to grant oneself extensions when necessary, if you do it frequently, deadlines may start to seem arbitrary. And when due dates start to seem arbitrary, it's time to own up to your procrastination habits. People, multitasking disguised as procrastination is still procrastination. OBSERVE DUE DATE.

Set SMART objectives. Do you know what SMART objectives are? Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-based. Clarity is a requirement; be specific! Measurable: In order to measure your progress, your goal must be measurable. Achievable: Avoid establishing lofty objectives! Relevant: Do your short- and long-term goals correspond with your goal? Time-based: Establish a realistic yet ambitious finish date! It's wonderful to aim high, but when it comes to your productivity, consider each letter carefully.

Largest jobs are completed first. To do the smaller tasks first may seem more manageable, but is this really more effective, or are you just making up reasons to put off doing something? Take on those difficult tasks when your mind is fresh from handling a multitude of little tasks.

Make meetings beneficial to you. Is this meeting really required, you must ask yourself first. There are several memes that ask whether a meeting might have been conducted by email, and they are prevalent for a good reason. Once you've determined that a meeting is necessary, always start by outlining its goals and objectives. Review the concrete tasks that each participant will perform as a result of the meeting once it has ended.

Twice daily, check your email. You shouldn't allow your inbox become so backed up with emails while you're the boss, but you're also too important to your business to spend all day keeping an eye on it. Aim to fully check and answer to emails twice a day. Nothing more or less.

Reject alerts, please. Turn off alerts if you want to keep on track with the wise objectives you've set for yourself. Turn off social media, texting, and even emails. You will never get anything done if you try to respond to every question in real time aside from managing the responses. Being responsive is crucial, but designate certain times of the day for answering consumer concerns.

Fill up on food! Taking pauses during the day is crucial for your mental and physical wellbeing. Take a break, stretch your legs, and refuel your body to do this. It is ESSENTIAL to keep wholesome foods and drinks on available for times when you need to turn up the volume.

Make a work environment you enjoy. It's important to maintain concentration and on-task when you're in the midst of your busiest period of the year, not only because creating a Pinterest board is entertaining. That's difficult to do if you're always searching for an excuse to quit work! Make sure you enjoy working there, whether it's in your home office or a different location.


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