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60 Blog Post Ideas To Start Writing

Yes, like many of us I get writers block. Blog ideas? Ugh. You can search the internet for hours, trying to pinpoint an idea or topic. I’ve found a template of some basic blog post ideas that’s perfect for bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses.

  1. Current trends

  2. Report current news in your industry

  3. Post a case study

  4. Interview an expert

  5. Create a roundup for the year

  6. Talk about stats in your industry that relate to your audience

  7. Run an experiment that’s relevant to your product or service

  8. Showcase a new feature

  9. Point out common mistakes

  10. Write a how-to post

  11. Make a pros and cons list that’s related to your product or service

  12. Meet the staff

  13. How customers use your products

  14. Do a series on one topic

  15. Report about your product

  16. Answer a common problem

  17. Do a weekly roundup of relevant news

  18. Do a series on how you and others use your product

  19. Promote your webinars

  20. Give away a freebie

  21. Feature guest posts from experts in your industry

  22. Do a roundup of your favorites

  23. Create a post about myths in your industry

  24. Highlight customer stories

  25. Tell the history of your field

  26. Show how you failed

  27. Use annual events and relate them to your product or service

  28. Host a quiz

  29. Update your readers

  30. Feature a success story

  31. List things to avoid

  32. Create a roundup of experts in your industry

  33. Write an open letter to your audience

  34. Welcome a new team member

  35. Run a survey and list the results

  36. Rant about it

  37. Answer frequently asked questions

  38. Do a product review

  39. Create a seasonal post and relate that to your product or service

  40. Create a content locked blog post

  41. Compare your topic with something that is totally unrelated

  42. Do a “day in the life”

  43. Offer tutorials or step-by-step guides

  44. Do a behind-the-scenes post

  45. Interview a thought leader

  46. Create a list post of just stats

  47. Thank your customers

  48. Blog about an update or past problem

  49. Review non-competing products

  50. Spotlight key people in your business

  51. Highlight one customer and their problem

  52. Dive deep and tell a story

  53. A call to arms post

  54. Do a comparison post

  55. Do a video blog post

  56. Host a giveaway

  57. Create a cheat sheet

  58. Do a project or challenge

  59. Create a top-takeaways post

  60. Talk about your competition

With 52 weeks in the year, you’ll have enough ideas all year round. Need help writing? Our team features amazing writers honed with the skills to write about any topic you may like. Email us at to start the conversation.


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Red Bank, NJ and Westport, CT. We service businesses with marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media and consultations.

Phone: (732) 802-6295 | (203) 429-9671

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