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How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts For More Exposure

content is a best-kept secret held by many marketers. After all, it can become tiresome to come up with new content time after time; as a result, the quality of your content can suffer. For many who aim to regularly put out content of value, this hurdle is very real.Re-purposing

Top tier content is vital for your website, as it can cultivate more traffic and ultimately enhance your brand’s reputation. Want to know a best-kept marketing secret? Re-purposing what you already have can save yourself endless stressful hours fretting over what to write about, allowing you to devote more time towards landing sales. Let’s take a look at some valuable techniques on how to make the most of the content you already have so you can create some organic web traffic.

Republish your posts. Thankfully, there are a variety of sites that allow you to republish older blog posts so you can get them in front of a wider audience. Medium, Reddit, Growth Hackers, BizSugar and Hacker News are just a handful of sites among many that allow you to publish your older posts by category or topic, reaching a larger crowd. This helps you get your work in front of a new and inviting crowd.

Use snippets of blogs as social media posts. If you’re looking for new social media material, don’t be afraid to take snippets or sentences from former blog posts that can stand on their own two feet. Including an image is pretty important when doing this; including a link to your whole blog post is not.

Give existing blogs a paint job. Similar to sprucing up a new car with a paint job, why not do so with an older blog post to give it some more pizzazz? Including additional graphics, images and statistics can update your content to make it more relevant. You’d be surprised how this can increase readership and traffic!

Ultimately, re-purposing some older content means you have to trust the initial content is noteworthy and of value. By updating, republishing or turning longer articles into social media posts, you’re widening your brand reach in front of new eyeballs and potential customers, clients and business relations.


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