5 Pre-Designed Email Templates for Your Company Tonight

Statistics show that for every dollar put into email marketing, a return of $40 is achieved. The return on investment makes it a top marketing medium.

But too often we find ourselves gazing at the cursor in a blank email, whether we're prospecting, onboarding new users, thanking thanks, or making a major announcement. It's not necessary for you to start from scratch. Given the importance of effective communication, we have included five email templates for you to utilize in this post.

Email template use suggestions

There is a right and wrong way to utilize email templates, but when used properly, they may save you time, reduce the number of mistakes, and maintain brand consistency. Consider these guidelines while selecting and utilizing email templates.

  1. Customize them: Personalize them to fit your needs; email templates should only be used as a starting point. To make them more authentic, you should tailor them to the individual you're sending them to. Saving time is nothing if the emails you send to clients don't make them feel appreciated.

  2. Double-check them: If you are following the first piece of advice and changing the material, you should double verify your work before sending it out.

  3. Test them: You should put them to the test. While using a template might save time, that doesn't absolve you from making sure your emails are error-free before sending them out. There is no harm in testing out variations on a single template to determine which one fares best, and it's a good idea to switch things up every so often to prevent templates from becoming stale.

  4. Set them up in your email platform: Install them in your email client. Don't settle for a notepad copy after you've found the one that works. Make use of premade Gmail templates.

  5. Use design templates too: Don't forget to make use of pre-made design templates. A branded HTML email gives a more beautiful and professional touch, and the examples below may be utilized as Gmail templates. Branded email templates are also readily available in plenty.

5 must-have email templates for business

Use these templates as a starting point for your emails—but remember to adjust them to your brand voice and as always, write like a human being!

  1. Sample Email for Welcoming and Orienting New Customers

Here's a sample welcome email to send to new clients when they sign up for your service or buy anything from you.

Subject Line: Hello and welcome to <company name>!