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5 Pre-Designed Email Templates for Your Company Tonight

Statistics show that for every dollar put into email marketing, a return of $40 is achieved. The return on investment makes it a top marketing medium.

But too often we find ourselves gazing at the cursor in a blank email, whether we're prospecting, onboarding new users, thanking thanks, or making a major announcement. It's not necessary for you to start from scratch. Given the importance of effective communication, we have included five email templates for you to utilize in this post.

Email template use suggestions

There is a right and wrong way to utilize email templates, but when used properly, they may save you time, reduce the number of mistakes, and maintain brand consistency. Consider these guidelines while selecting and utilizing email templates.

  1. Customize them: Personalize them to fit your needs; email templates should only be used as a starting point. To make them more authentic, you should tailor them to the individual you're sending them to. Saving time is nothing if the emails you send to clients don't make them feel appreciated.

  2. Double-check them: If you are following the first piece of advice and changing the material, you should double verify your work before sending it out.

  3. Test them: You should put them to the test. While using a template might save time, that doesn't absolve you from making sure your emails are error-free before sending them out. There is no harm in testing out variations on a single template to determine which one fares best, and it's a good idea to switch things up every so often to prevent templates from becoming stale.

  4. Set them up in your email platform: Install them in your email client. Don't settle for a notepad copy after you've found the one that works. Make use of premade Gmail templates.

  5. Use design templates too: Don't forget to make use of pre-made design templates. A branded HTML email gives a more beautiful and professional touch, and the examples below may be utilized as Gmail templates. Branded email templates are also readily available in plenty.

5 must-have email templates for business

Use these templates as a starting point for your emails—but remember to adjust them to your brand voice and as always, write like a human being!

  1. Sample Email for Welcoming and Orienting New Customers

Here's a sample welcome email to send to new clients when they sign up for your service or buy anything from you.

Subject Line: Hello and welcome to <company name>!

Hello <customer name>,

We appreciate your time and effort in working with your <your company name>. We hope you enjoy being a part of our <team, family, etc.>, and believe you'll find our <product, feature, etc.> to your liking. In case you haven't seen them yet, here are some links:

  • Main Feature

  • Second Feature

  • Third Feature

If you have any queries or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at <or by the provided contact information> from the specified opening hours. If you have a question after hours, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We appreciate it, and we're glad you're here.


<Your name>

Welcome email tips

  • Use clever newsletter signup CTAs to increase email signups so you can send out more welcome letters.

  • Don't overload the reader; instead, get them fired up about their choice and make it obvious what they should do next.

  • Give a brief overview before linking to other resources.

2. Inbound sales email sample

If executed properly, cold outreach sales efforts provide unique challenges but may yield significant rewards. Get started in the correct path with this sample document.

Subject: A quicker method to <accomplish goals>

Hello <prospect name>,

I noticed you are focusing on the <prospect's initiative>" and the <compliment> My name is <your name> and I work at <your company name> where we use <product> to assist individuals just like you accomplish their objectives.

Here are a few brief features that I think you would find helpful despite your hectic schedule:

  • Main Feature

  • Second Feature

  • Third Feature

If you're interested, I'd be delighted to go through everything in further depth. Using my <calendar application>, you may arrange a meeting with me.

Looking forward to your response!

– <your name>

Tips for Cold Email Outreach

  • Avoid becoming overly combative. Instead of pressuring the reader to make a choice, the tone should be one of invitation.

  • Respect the time of your readers. Make it simple for the prospect to access the most crucial information by keeping it succinct.

  • Talk in detail about your prospect's issue in your pitch.

3. The Third Thank You Email Sample

Here's a sample email to send after a consumer has made a purchase or signed up for your newsletter or service. Modify it to make it work for your needs.

Subject: Thank you! Included coupon.

A word to the wise,

Much appreciation for the customer's prompt response. We're certain that you'll love the <product> as much as we do.

The following is a <promotion, coupon, etc.>, good for your next <action> as an added gesture of gratitude.

Keep in mind that there's that pesky 'other product' we told you about. We're confident that if you enjoy using the <current product>, you'll find that the <other product> will satisfy you just as much.

Once again, I appreciate it.

– <your name>

Suggestions for writing an appropriate "thank you" email

  • Include being cordial without rambling on for too long.

  • Don't treat this as a farewell.

  • Offer a discount on their next purchase or even an upsell if they choose to leave a review.

4. Template for sending out an email announcement

While the format of announcement emails varies depending on the nature of the announcement, here is a general framework to work from.

Subject: It's finally here! "item, function, attribute, etc."

A word to the wise,

We are thrilled to finally reveal <event>. We've put in a lot of time and effort to provide you <product, location, etc.>,' and we hope you love using it as much as we've enjoyed creating it.

We can't wait for <product, event, etc.> because of the following reasons:

  • Explanation #1

  • Justifications #2

  • Justifications #3

However, enough of this discourse; why not test it out for yourself? Head to the website, <location> to take the desired course of action. Further, as a thank you for signing up for our newsletter, we'll provide you with a special discount, perk, etc.

Feel free to contact us at <provided email or phone number> if you have any queries.

Once again, we appreciate your company on this trip.


<Your name>

Hints for Writing Effective Email Announcements

  • Never be shy in acknowledging the efforts that were made to launch a new feature, product, or event.

  • Provide priority access to your most loyal consumers.

  • Make sure the news is important to your customers and worth an email.

  • Create a call to action that your readers may complete to participate.

5. Sample Emails of Appreciation for Customers

You can use this sample email to use as a customer appreciation email.

Subject: We have a surprise for all of our faithful customers.

Hello <name>,

We are marking our <nth> year in operation this month! Yes, we adore <your trade>, but it's people like you that keep us going. All during the month, as a means of expressing "thank you," we're providing <promotion>.

This offer is exclusively available to our most devoted clients and won't last long.

Call us right away to make an appointment, and be sure to mention the coupon code.

We'll talk shortly.

– <your name>

Tips for customer appreciation emails

  • Using the phrase "valued customers" is a bad idea since it implies that you don't care about them.

  • Look for low-cost, high-value client appreciation suggestions.

  • Look for different free templates for holidays or birthdays.

Use these guidelines and templates to launch your email marketing campaign right away. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics available.


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